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Hulk the bloodied titan

i would have gone with 'green ogre' but hulk isn't love, nor is he life (points to whoever gets that reference XD)

So yea, this one isnt as shiny or glowy as the rest and as i learned from the last time its not lore friendly to stick a bunch if arrows in him :P

More tomorrow :D
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One of Hulk’s canon nicknames is “The Emerald Ogre”, so you could have used that.

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Bruce Banner lives a life caught between the soft-spoken alchemist he's always been and the uncontrollable green monster powered by his rage.Late on a full moon, Bruce was exposed to large quantities of the experimental enraptured green energy made from a combination different solar flares that Stark captured and a dreaded mix of Ork, Ogre, Troll and a single drop of Cronus's blood he was working on with Stark, they dubbed it the gamma for it was stuck between a liquid and full radical state, the high exposure transforms alchemist Bruce Banner into the mean, green rage titan called the Hulk.Stark captured the energy mass for future spells, he tampered with it ends up infecting Bruce's sister (She-Hulk the Ruthless) and tries to substitute with a mix of ice giant's and iron golem's nerve muscles (Rickard the Helpful), demon's horn marrow and phoenix leg flesh (King Thaddeus), medusa's venom and vampire blood (Skarr the Ruthless).

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Ayeeee, its Shrek! Lol
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i see i've met a fellow man of culture
holy crap... AWESOME!
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I love how hulk looks! He looks so angry but calm at the same time. Awesome drawing! <3 :-)
Is there any way I can get this in poster size?  The Incredible Hulk is my all time most favorite super hero and this is by far, my most favorite rendition.  I must have him!
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Badass. Now the Hulk had found his purpose as berserk. And bruce would be a tinkerer ;P
OK, this is hot.  I feel a little weird for thinking that.
Holy Crap This is amazing!
I love the tattoo designs on the chest. what style would you call those? (would definitely consider getting something similar in real life!)
Omg! this one is so epic. I'm buying a print right now!!!!
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Tough! If Hulk was so ...
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I like it!
It looks like a green mad viking
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Anything but THAT REFERNCE! Play Time is ogre sprite 
LOL, you got it.
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*grabs the nearest silver gun*
It's all Ogre now....
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It's not ogre... It will never be ogre.
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