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Heroes of the Storm - Rojak Squad

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also known as team fuster cluck :D

My entry for the Heroes of the Storm art contest. i figured id embody the true spirit of MOBA's and make all the players wear the most mismatched skins possible to show off their overblown egos before totally getting wrecked. or at least thats how i would play it

Win or lose this was at least pretty fun to work on and a welcome change to all the gloomy washed out palettes i work with :P

alright now back to the land of no color XD
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So Arthas, Sgt. Hammer, Uther and Stitches.... is there a fifth I can't see?
theDURRRRIAN's avatar
nah just the four
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gotta love that Dragon in the background.
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drakesfire101Hobbyist Writer
Arthas riding a siege tank. Yeah, I'm just going to run the other way now. 
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Cfer93Student Digital Artist
Just when i think that LK could not be harder.
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LadyBelvaHobbyist Digital Artist
I do not have 6000$ to give you, but know that for me you're the winner :)
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RebellingLemmingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Great art!
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DWestmooreHobbyist General Artist
I love how the Necro Golem (or whatever it is) looks like a Psychotic Chainsawer. :D
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Sick! Good job
Only thing bothering me is the dual-build ghouls+sindragosa :(
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An undead King riding on a tank with a zombie dragon hovering above and by his side is an abomination wielding a chainsaw, several ghouls erupting from the ground charging to battle, and a lumberjack joining in on the action; you arguement is invalid!!
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LadyBelvaHobbyist Digital Artist
Ffs this WON everything for me. Really, it's just too awesome!! Congratulation :3
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ScottSketcherProfessional Digital Artist
Definitely one of my favorites!
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termhnStudent General Artist
Grats on being a semifinalist!
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SaledinProfessional General Artist
I have always been a fan of Frazzetta and other artists like him and you really have a fantastic style. Your imagination and execution of the concept puts many to shame. This is just kickass.
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BlackDragon117Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yaas Sindragosa
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KeilinkProfessional Digital Artist
Hum ... it might not be a good idea, even as an ally, to hop on Hammer's tank, she will probably not take it well ahah

Nice job ! :D
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haha its arthas, he probably has an incredible sense of entitlement :P
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KeilinkProfessional Digital Artist
Ahahah, pretty much ~ 
- "Go forth caterpillared metal box ! I'll ride you as Invincible through battle !"
- " You get down from here ... now."
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shadowpumpHobbyist Digital Artist
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I guess it's on purpose u made that lumberjack dude look like one of the guys at man at arms who actually recreated the Lich king's sword on their youtube channel.
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lol that was unintentional. i just needed a beardy manly looking guy to suit the lumberjack uther skin :P
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Lol. It's still awesome ^_^
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PipenwbaHobbyist Traditional Artist
my favorite pic, even if this ps work:)
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