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rainbow bow inspired by that one u can get in GW2 that shoots nyan cat rainbow things XD

anyway yea, i wanted to try something different to the 2012 design and give him more of a ranger look

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OK I love this, you made a very cool looking, Badass Hawkeye!

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Gotta admit, this dude looks finest, the coolest of the team🏹🖤💜
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Man i don't care what anybody says about his face cover but, this plague mask is totally badass. He looks frigging evil. Archer of death. Badass job mate
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Well said my lord =]]
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Epic Hawkeye.  Future version?
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It's inspired by the medieval so…
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Absolutely amazing! It would be amazing if you made a version of Green Arrow like this too!❤️
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oooh. you mite see him in the months to come :)
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This is amazing... if he was actually designed this way for the movies, he'll have his own.
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Damn you made Hawkeye actually look cool ! LOL. :P
*gasp* is that a plague mask??? what a wonderful idea! and very nice job incorporating the purple from his comic outfits.
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Not a big fan of the mouth guard on him because it looks like a beak but other than that fudging A man! I love the drawing (especially the bow!) It looks amazing! <3
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This is amazing <3
simplemente genial.

I'm from Colombia, big fan of your art. I have to do to download in hd?
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Is that a plague doctor mask or is it just cloth?
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yea its a plague doctor mask
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Best match I can find to that hood/mask combo is probably the Grenth Hood I think
Yo! That's Auriel's Bow! Sweet!
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Awesome, amazing are to weak words to describe how it looks like. I love it. His maks reminds me a bit medic's mask duric Black Death pandemic.
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It looks absolutely awesome *-* your work is perfect

May I ask you if you would allow me to base a cosplay on your work, on this one in particular?
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yea go ahead! would love to see what you come up with!
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