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Durian Brushes

People have been asking for my brushes, so here they are :D

basically i only use the top few and the three last ones (those are smudges) the rest are entirely situation brushes i bring out from time to time... or when i get bored of using one brush too long.

If there are any questions about what brush does what or whatever, feel free to ask

Download link below…

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thx for your generous offer... can't wait to try these out.

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Gimme that gotdam horsey, Durian. * Arthur Morgan voice *

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Do you know of these work on an older version of photshop? Some brushes I've tried don't work on the version I use. 
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Thank you so much for sharing. ^_^

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Thank you soo much for the brush sir
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Thank you for your generosity!
Many thanks. Much appreciated.
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Hey thank you, I will!
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Thank you for sharing your brushes! :D
Hi, just wanted to say that your work is absolutely stunning, and thanks for the brushes :)
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hii thank you so much for these!! I just have some questions, I'm really struggling trying to use these brushes to get the amazing build up and texture that you have but i just don't understand how you only use the top few:(( do u mean the top row? do u only paint with one brush and then add texture with the rest? sorry these are rlly dumb questions i just love your art and have a lot of trouble with texture brushes :(
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i tend to change brushes as i paint to have the texture build up. then mix that with a bunch of overlay and normal layers 
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WOW!! Thanks man!!!
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Thank you so much for making your brushes available!
Your art has been an inspiration for me for the last couple years.
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New watcher here, I'll try them out once I get Photoshop, but just by the look of them I can tell they are pretty good brushes.
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This will come in very handy once i finally leave Krita and download Photoshop! Beautiful painting aswell! <3
is it just me or has the download link broken D:
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just fixed it with my updated brush pack. should work now
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Thxbayo by oO-NairaIvory-Oo  for the brushes!
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