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Desert Ninja...... is totally lost

took a lesson from the Heroes Of The Storm trailer and made a character pose in the middle of nowhere looking badass.... also desert ninjas is a cool idea i mite play with later for a character design :)

hope you guys like it :)
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can i acquire this, use this for a homemade video game a friend and i are making? we had the concept like... 20 years ago for a video game that would be called "desert ninja" it was literally a ninja lost in the desert, looking for his home clan hut.

"Goddammit, I never should've listened to that Jawa...."
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Ooh. My previous Comment is still at the top!

But yeah. I make an action comedy comic, and I just wanted you to know that this picture and it's description gave me inspiration for a joke. :)
It's a short two-pager HERE on dA if you want to see it.
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THIS. Is what characters do all the time! :XD: Each day they decide to just stand someplace and look badass! :XD: That's why my "legendary" swordsman does it in my stories, because they are hero parody a lot. :laughing:
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I like.  The concept is cool, and refreshing in the difference of usual areas used.
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"I'll ask Google Maps to giv me an itinary..."
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This is a true work of magnificent art!
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And hot! plus desert hot she will make a man die of dehydration. (cause of drooling lol)
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Is that a bosmer
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:D Dude, your naming of work cracks me up everytime. :D keep up the awesome work
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Looks great, I love it
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Lost ? Well cut the whole desert then :D
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Psh, if there were ninja's in this picture, you wouldn't see them : p
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Wonderful! Realy like it!
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Your artwork here is cool! 
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Bet he can't find his donkey either. XD
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I love this character design! Definitely epic :D 
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One of the best
loved it
Loved the fire
Thanxx for sharing with us and
it is beyond words
loved everything in this pic
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*sigh* Too proud to stop and ask for directions.  -.-'
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Yes, very cool lol!
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