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Rediscovered Ayami Kojima's work after watching Castlevaina and got inspired to try my hand at some vampire work, adopting some of her traits along the way
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Fantastic AF!!! You're Extremely Talented and you know it : )
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Amazing artwork!

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She has the power

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I love your style <3

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Now watching Castlevania 3th season, so this comes at a very good moment.
Love the character, love the art.
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Oooo, she looks mysterious GHOST HEART 
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this is really amazing, the color, thr shape are combine so well.
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The bold color palette makes her just pop from image, really amazing work!

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Wow, she looks much nicer with shorter hair. Kudos. 
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The detail on this piece is wonderful!!

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Great piece! :D Love the overall style and technique. Clap emoticon Clap emoticon 
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