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Captain New World

consider this the front view of the 2012 version i guess? XD

Nothing really different from the original here. just a dude with a shield and america colored armor :P

2 more left!!!!
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Sir Steven, a frail young man working as a fool for the Medieval forces was enhanced to the peak of human perfection by an experimental potion made of a mix of the blood of the dreaded Yeti, Minotaur horn meal, and the bulk of a cyclops to aid the New World's efforts in World War II.Near the end of the war between realms, he was trapped in ice by a spell cast in the icelands of New World and survived in suspended animation until he was revived in the present day.He was knighted and given an ancient relic, a shield given to him eons ago by Zeus himself, capable of absorbing spells and redirecting them and bouncing non-magic attacks with no effort.

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So lovely, ^^ awesome job. 
This. is wonderful!
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I love the drawing! <3
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Dude I 100% love this! How much for this and Hawkeye?
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Sadly the prints got taken down by marvel so im not risking putting them back up for sale again
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Damn, that's upsetting. Understandable though. What state do you live in, maybe I could cone get them in person? Not trying to be creepy lol
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haha i live in Malaysia so i dont think a $900 plane ticket would be worth two prints. Im trying to get something done with them, like maybe a limited run through a friend of mine that distributes prints
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I'm they're definitely worth a $900 plane ride if I could afford it haha. Well if you get something worked out definitely let me know, yea?
theDURRRRIAN's avatar
Yea definitely! i'll make an announcement on my facebook and here just to let people know! Its most likely gonna be august of december 
ajflores7793's avatar
Okau, sounds great. Thank you!
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I see a missed opportunity to incorporate some Native American motifs.
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Nice helmet ! He looks bad ass ! You decided not to touch the shield, I wonder what form you will have gave it If you decided to change it =)
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maybe throw some holes it it, make it look more deadly? the star could be a banner nailed to the shield? haha its a round shield, theres now too much i couldve done with it :P
Wingatesc's avatar
Yeah why not for the banner =) !
But yeah the fact that it is round makes it not easy to customize >< So maybe change the form like they did with the shield of Patriot from the young avengers ?
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Daaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn those TIGHTS THOUGH! JK JK LOL! love it though.
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Looks like Steve and Bucky fused together..................:P
Really awesome, it remind me the Busiek & Perez "The Morgan Conquest" post heroes reborn. Nice work !
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more like captain badass
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Please make this available as a print. I need to have this on my wall
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This officially one of my favourite Captain America pictures! TQT Love Love Love!!!
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This is amazing!
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oh my god! that name is even lamer XD. but is not the same. when yankees say america they tend to refeer to the states. new world would be the real America, which is a continent filled with different countries. imagine how lame captain canada or captain mexico would sound.
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