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Black Widow

Yea, instead of trying to follow the ultron movie version 9except for maybe the glowy dagger things) i decided to sorta revise the 2012 design. the biggest change being getting rid of the cleavage window XD

So all thats left is ultron, captain new world (lol XD), thor and iron man :D
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Natasha was born in Stalingradia, at the near edge of New World.She is the first and best-known Black Widow, a arch-knight trained as in bounty hunting, espionage, and accurate targeting.She was outfitted with an arsenal of mystic weaponry, including a pair of wrist-mounted poison spell gauntlets dubbed her "Widow's Bite".She will sometimes work with her ex-bao and best companion Baron Clint.

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Whoa, that, is epic.
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We're those daggers inspired in any way by the fang or fang prime from warframe?
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My absolute favorite of the whole series. Love the style... kinda makes me think Rayne (Blood Rayne) + Selene (Underworld)
Gotta ask, are prints of this available for sale anywhere?  Because daaaaamn it is awesome.

...I feel like I may have asked this before, but to lazy to dig through comments to check. 
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nah i got a CDA from marvel, so no more avengers prints unfortunately
That's a bummer.
O.O *sparkly eyes* so pretty.... You are amazing.
Hay can I please make a cosplay costume based on your picture please? I absolutely love it! And I have for a long time! I would love to make a costume based off it as I keep coming back to your pictures whenever I think on what to make. It would take me a few months to make it but I'd be happy to tag/send you a picture when I am done with it if you'd permit me to use it as my base with credit going to you as the artist who made/makes such amazing pictures . And if you do/will let me use it I would like to enter it into
Emerald city comic con 2017 cosplay costume contest.
Hay so I've uploaded a few pictures of the main outfit when you want to see it. I think it turned out fairly well for someone who's a novice working with leather, I'd like to know what you think of how it turned out if possible please and Thank you!!! So much for letting me use it as my base! (^-^)
not sure how to tag you with them and I'm working on the wepons still I'm using Saxon runes on the blades where it will glow.
Thank you so much! \(^-^)/
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Yes! I like the drawing, this definitely suits widow! <3
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Wow, this is seriously awesome! B-) :clap:
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Would it be possible for me to make a costume based on this? I really like your design, and of course the credit for the design would go to the artist. If you say no that's cool, just thought I'd ask :)
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yea go ahead! id love to see what you come up with
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Sweet Thanks!
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whoa!! epic black widow

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Can you say perfect! this suits her completely lol. 
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She looks gooooood :)
You win. You win at life! I love this little series :))))
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U are amaizing od details, light, and colours ^^
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This is insanely well done; the detail alone and the fact that it actually looks like it could be real make this an amazing piece of art, never mind the style and colour and the fact that you used my favourite Avenger in this one. Your whole series is mind blowing but this is definitely my favourite. I am insanely jealous of your talent and also in complete awe.
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