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Ars Goetia - King Belial

Demonsss! Trying to get my better half to sculpt this dude. its a good exercise in my persuasion skills XD

67 more to go :D
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Damm you chose a REALLY BIG task for yourself! But it look great and i can't wait for more!
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I love it when you make face armors 
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face armors are the best kind of armors :D
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this piece is brilliant, I'd love to see the process you go through to arrive at this!
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Great work! Very nice!
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Sincerely,one of the coolest thing I've ever seen.
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Could be a general for the Burning Hells in Diablo, I approve! :D
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simply awesome... awesome, awesome.awesome. just... awesome. *.* 
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Truly a man of many faces
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brilliant armour.
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Worthy to fight ♥
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Pure Evil!! Very Good!!
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Well goddamn! First off the armor is just so amazing and ethereal! Its so interesting how the faces on it are the similar to the demons around him, making me wonder if the armor could have souls in it or even be alive. The demon himself has horns for daysssss so that too is quite awesome! I love how gaunt his face looks, showing off his bone structure and by effect making him look less human with combined with his sickly yellow eyes. 
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thanks! yea for the whole series, the faces on the armor is representative of the legions of demons they control so i decided to use that aspect to unify all of these guys :)
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very cool but I think if you spend a little more time on them they can be much more awesome ang great because you are awesome:)
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So someone could actually punch him in the knee and hurt him lol
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