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Araignee du Soir, Cauchemar

Painted a widow... staring from a distance.. not playing the payload.. just like me :D

The piece was done for Con Before the Storm this coming November so do check them out
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AMAZING how is ur work always so good
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Great work (as always)
....But why is she staring at tracer? :D
theDURRRRIAN's avatar
cause im selling out and pandering to the shippers XDD
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Always love this messy style you got going on dude. Always love seeing the strokes of a painterly art style. Plus the illustration is fantastic despite hair. 
theDURRRRIAN's avatar
Thanks, yea i did a quick fix to the hair. its going to CBTS so i figured i'd correct it before i had over the files :P
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Her cycber arm is gorgeous in your style tho <3hot damn<3
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the hair seems kinda misplaced...
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ah yea i noticed after i posted. I'll just keep it up. keeping my mistakes up is a nice reminder :)
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J'aime pas les araignées. But I like her. :D
Her design is soooo pretty in your style, you did an amazing work. :)
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thanks man! an yea, she hates spiders too :P
Finally... a Widow that isn't all ass and tits!  PROPS!  (I mean.. don't get me wrong, I enjoy that and all. It just becomes a little tiring after a while. ;) )

Great work.  love the style and atmosphere.  
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thanks! yea i didnt quite like her being all T&A so i figured make her look a little more battle worn and assassin-y
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Phenomenal work painting that HUD with more portraiture and figures at that perspective, that small and it still being readable and recognizable! Craziness!! The whole painting is great, but that's what I find most impressive about this one.
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thanks! yea figured id used that HUD for more storytelling so there ya go :)
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This looks amazing! Though I must ask, is that bottom back holo panel a pic of tracer x widow maker?
theDURRRRIAN's avatar
nahh its just the tracer promo art from the cover
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Araignée du matin, chagrin ^^
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