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Conky Theme
Theme : InfinitySVG-Weather
Version : 1.0
Created by : Me
Depends on Conky 1.8.0
Icon Theme : Moka

ConkyInfinitySVG-Weather is my personal conky setup and is a combination of Erik Weiks Infinity SVG Conky mod and Satya 164's Google Now conky mod with some additions and tweaks of my own. It's unique features are that it includes a 5-day forecast and also monitors the GPU.
Full Features:
- Full date and time
- Clock with cool rings that mean a multitude of different things (to see what those things are check out, haunted.lua in the /.conky/scripts folder)
- Home, root and swap folder used space and capacity
- How much RAM you have and how much is being used
- How much of up to 3 cpu's is being used
- Current weather and temperature and 5 day forecast
- Current user
- Which processes are using the most CPU power and RAM
- CPU temperature, clock speed, and CPU usage graphs for your two most active CPU cores
- Current Linux kernel and time spent on the computer for the current session
- IP adress, tcp connections and upload and download speeds as well as upload and download graphs
- Amount of memory used and total memory of the root and home directories and the swap partition.

I wanted to share this with you guys because of found this setup quite pleasing, so I hope you like it and if you have any questions ask them here.

Download The File and See for Installation Instructions
I included the wallpaper in the zip file in case you want to use it.

If IP Adress isn't showing up in conky open up a terminal window and type "ifconfig" and it will show eth0 or wlan0 or something like that. All the other information you can ignore. Now copy the eth1 or wlan0 or what it outputs and open up /.conkyrc and find eth1. Replace eth1 with whatever you copied from the terminal window and reboot. Your IP Adress should be showing now and you should be getting information about your network usage.
© 2013 - 2021 TheDuffmaster
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I had the same problem (I have a 1366 x 768) screen spent like 12+ hours anyways here is my final product if anyone wants the files for my config especially for the screen let me know…
Hi, I also have the same problem, and I don't feel like spending 12+ hours as well. Is there a place where I can find your config file for the lower resolution? :)
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Amazin, I love it :)
It's very great! I have just a little problem on the right side, with the weather temperature.
This is the conky image on my monitor (1366x768):…
can you help me, please?
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nice work! i totally copied you, as you can see here. i had to make some rearrangements with offsets and voffsets though; even if i have the same screen resolution as the one mentioned in the config, it didn't work well at all!

anyway thanks, because of you and a couple other people now i know what conky is and i'm totally in love with it!

+fav !
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good work, play around with the settings if it doesn't work well and with conky simpler is always better :p
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thanks :D (Big Grin)

can i ask you something? how can i have my config files available for download instead of the .png? i'm new to deviantart and i haven't quite figured it out yet.
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