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So I decided to write a journal entry that wasn't an update for some obscure thing I did months ago :)

Hello! (…anyone who might be listening…)

There may not be a photo for this week, but I DID create a portfolio of much of my previous work as part of an application. Check it out here if you want to see highlights of my digital art (and want to consider hiring me!):…

Hello Deviantart! As of today, I've finally decided to start uploading my weekly edits ("The Weekly Moo-Ack!") to this page, so I'll be mass uploading the ones I've already done. I release a new photo edit every week on Thursday, usually closer to midnight of whatever timezone I'm in. The medium and content of the photo edit varies every week quite a lot, but lately I've been creating more 3d model-based images. Follow me to see each new creation!

I still only post my test animations/less major animation projects on my facebook page:

More major animation/film projects I will post on my youtube channel:

~Patrick W. Crawford, Moo-Ack! Productions