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This was the mother's day card I made also commemorating our new whippet puppy, still to be named. Our pups tend to get into a lot of trouble like this, so I figured it would be appropriate.

I originally planned on putting the dog in the background because I don't have much organic modeling experience and was expecting it to come out... oddly. That's also why I chose to do an adult instead of the puppy we currently have, given access to more references. But, I think it ultimately turned out well enough I could have put her center stage without much of a problem (though by that time I was already running late!). Texture painting could be better, but it does more or less show the same markings as our new puppy.

As for the rest of the scene itself, I suppose it turned out rather average. I need to work on being able to speed-model more convincing interiors. As for the water, well, there can never be a high enough resolution, I suppose. I also made the rookie mistake of making the water "blue", I guess I do strange things when rushing things together.

The whippet (separated) I actually will be giving out to download on blendswap, since it looks reasonably realistic that others might benefit from it. Plus there's an interesting material node group setup :)

Made with blender, rendered with cycles (with the new SSS!).

~Patrick W. Crawford
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Cool, I always thought the whippets were funny looking. xD I have a great dane...And they're stature are like a Whippets. o3o And...Do you think...I can use this in a computer game I'm planning on making? :D I will give you full credit. o3o