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... I mean, Hiccup.

I actually had this idea of spoofing that iconic scene from Titanic with Avatar, then I saw How to Train Your Dragon and realized Avatar AND HTTYD shared a lot of similarities... so I mashed it all together. This artpiece has been haunting me for a month, so it's a relief to finally complete it after many stop-start sessions.

I love both movies, really. They're awesome. :heart:
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Cleve crossover.
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this is so cool:D
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cjbolanProfessional Digital Artist
LOL Nice! I knew I wasn't the only one who thought "HTTYD" and "Avatar" were similar XD
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SaraPlutonium Digital Artist
Wonderful job, TDIT, especially for your first time(?) really experimenting with digital coloring! I haven't seen Avatar or Titanic, so I guess I don't completely get the references or similarities. =P

So, on top of the nice things I have to say about this, I also have a bit of critique as well. I guess I'll do that first and get it out of the way:

The anatomy of both the humans and their... flying creatures (xDD) look fine, but could still use some improvement. I guess the only thing that slightly bothers me is the human's faces. I'm not sure if this is simply your style and you like it, but if you're looking to improve on drawing human faces (eyes, noses, mouths, etc.) you could possibly start looking into finding different tutorials or studying how your favorite artists draw them. This also goes for human anatomy - I know looking at different tutorials and such over time really helped me out. Once you learn how to draw faces better, you'll be able to better portray expressions and such to make your pieces more interesting and believable.

I'll definitely try to get some sort of coloring tutorial done so you can see how I do it and hopefully it'll help you out a bit. This is impressive for one of your first times trying, so I really can't complain about it. Obviously it needs improvement, but that will come with time and practice, and you're definitely improving. C8

Overall, a great job and I love the concept. I especially like the way the clouds were rendered, for some reason. *can't draw clouds on paper or in PS. xDD* Toothless looks absolutely adorable, and I love the little 'wink' he's giving, almost like he's saying 'Catch me if you can!' 8DD I can't wait to see more from you, again great job and keep practicing, you're only going to continue to get better!

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haha thats not the only dragon thing that can fly. thats what they get for taking that movie name but so awespme picture
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MU-Cheer-GirlHobbyist Digital Artist
Cool mashup of Avatar and How to Train Your Dragon! :rofl:
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This is fun! Nice job! Astrid is the Viking Queen of the World.

I like the coloring on this, too. It's cute how Hiccup and Toothless are both winking the same way.
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RhorseAnonProfessional Digital Artist
haha awesome :]
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ashe-the-hedgehogProfessional Digital Artist
omg lol x'DDD :lol:
this is brilliant! great work! :clap:
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Hahaha! This is cute! ^.^
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