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Today's the day that Rio arrives on Blu-Ray & DVD in the States - so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone (metaphorically speaking, or course) and create my first proper Rio fanart to celebrate the occasion and enter #Rio-Movie's contest.

Alas, I discovered the latest Internet meme and this very funny dA club called #GRAB-MY, so I abandoned any meaningful or poignant idea I had for an artpiece and jumped on the bandwagon for 2 hours instead!

This might be my very first Deviant done entirely using a Wacom pen. I always do the sketch in pencil and ink before scanning and colouring it digitally, but I was too lazy to use the scanner, so I decided to take the leap (much like Blu here) and do it entirely with a tablet. To my dismay, it was an excruciating experience, and I'm not convinced I will be using this method again anytime soon.

I have another idea for the 'X Grab My Y' for Rio, but I might do it in traditional media just for a nice contrast as a companion piece. And of course, I'm gonna see if I have time to bring the more poignant fanart ideas I have into reality.

Hope this made you laugh, though! Or at least groan. Comments and Faves much appreciated, and wish me luck for the contest!

Original idea by :iconangelaart: & :iconlizcakes:
Blank meme by :iconpokemoneg: [link]

*EDIT* Não acredito! I leave this for one week and I get 26 Faves and 8 comments already! Not remarkable by any popular Deviant's standards, but this is quite an achievement for me! Ironically, following the crowd gets you noticed. =P
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Someone already pointed this out below me, but Jewel's way off color. She's not a turquoise macaw, y'know.

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when I saw this clip I was like
Really Nigga ?
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AtomicNeonStudent Digital Artist
You actually did this? OMG! Great!
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Rinji-chan101Hobbyist General Artist
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juanito506Hobbyist Artist
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rioloverHobbyist Digital Artist
nyan rainbow!!
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SaramicaW508Student General Artist
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Dylan-the-dudeHobbyist Digital Artist
Jewel and Blu have the nyan gene....
that's why they're so rare....
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I love this! Very funny, I still need to do this meme. =)
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MPT0922Hobbyist General Artist
Yay, somebody did do this!
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Jewel is light blue, not turquoise.
Oh well, nice piece!
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wolflover001Hobbyist General Artist
Aww man u beat me to it. I was doing one just like this 2 weeks ago
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Well, is it the same scene? I'd love to see your take on this, so do post yours up anyway! :)
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wolflover001Hobbyist General Artist
yes close to it.
And first I have to get all the sketches and stuff done this I'll put it all together
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Looking forward to it! :)
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wolflover001Hobbyist General Artist
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that one is actually pretty clever :D.
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Haha, awesome! :D
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KeroroKuchikiHobbyist Digital Artist
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ill337erateHobbyist General Artist
Rio's a special movie to me because for the first time in recent years, it broadcast my native city in a positive light. About time!
Hahaha, the end surprised me XD I only realized it was the meme remake when I saw the rainbow.
Funny, definitely funny!
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MU-Cheer-GirlHobbyist Digital Artist
I saw this movie, and it was so awesome. My fave part had to be when Jewel was singing in the bird-filled dance club.

Also, you've done an amazing job! Maybe I might try this meme sometime...
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HellmotherEvaHobbyist Digital Artist
xD I Love the movie and I love THIS xDDDDD
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lol i loved this movie :D
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