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Fast and Harmonious 6 (Fast 6/MLP FIM Mashup)

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WATCH Fast and Harmonious 6 -> [link]

Vectors from:

Twilight and Fluttershy - Mamandil
Rainbow Dash - Fehlung
Applejack - abydos91
Rarity - asurroca
Pinkie Pie - Silentmatten
Trixie - uxyd
Road - Foxy-Noxy

The parade floats and Ponyville background are etched from screenshots.

I only own the composition and copy of the promo sig under the Fair Use Act of Parody, and I acknowledge the original creators of the work and will not use this for profit-making.

The following is the video description on YouTube on 25 May, 2013, the date of posting:


Saddle up and hold on to your horses - the Prince of Parody is back for his first trailer mash-up in almost two years!

After their 100-million-bits heist in Rio de Ja-neigh-ro, underworld ringleader Twilight Sparkle (Vin Diesel), former Wonderbolts officer Rainbow Dash (Paul Walker) and their motley crew of ponies have scattered across the globe, rich beyond their wildest dreams. Sadly, all that gold can't buy them freedom from being pursued as international fugitives.

The Great and Powerful Federal Agent Trixie returns with an olive branch: full pardons for their crimes and the "chance to make their family whole again". In return, our heroes have to take down a ruthless cabal of changelings led by former special-forces soldier Queen Chrysalis (Luke Evans).

To sweeten the deal, Trixie reveals that a former member of their team, Applejack, may be Chrysalis' second-in-command. Embarking on a turbocharged quest that will take them from the city streets of Canterlot to the desert dunes of Dodge Junction, the five Elements of Harmony will do whatever it takes to save Equestria and bring the sixth one home. Because no pony turns their back on family - even when they do.

How time has flown! In the space since my last trailer mash-up, Fast & Feathered 5, I have become a brony, had my first job and left Sydney soon after, and started work as a sub-editor at one of my ideal companies in Singapore. It's been an incredible journey when I made my first online parody back in 2007, and this video marks a new chapter in my life.

For one thing, it is the first pony video I've made. For another, it's my longest trailer mash-up - coming in at 3 minutes and 20 seconds! It is also the first time I have used Adobe Effects to create the video composites during the "Tank" sequences; it was a huge pain because my archaic Dell Studio 15 couldn't handle the strain on rendering. But oh man, it's worth it, and I'm proud of what I've achieved in two weekends - probably a 48-hour job in total, as I had to pick through pony episodes and do a few things for the first time!

Please, rate, comment and subscribe. I love receiving constructive feedback, and if you like my work, do check out my Channel and add me as a Friend for more laughs and excitement! Remember: Friendship is magic, my little bronies! :)

Video and audio footage is property of 20th Hasbro, The Hub, and Universal and Bad Meets Evil. Vectors from Bronyvectors, Silentmatten, Ninga-bob, Kraysee and AxemGR. Explosion green screen by bestgreenscreen. I only own copyright over the editing of this mashup trailer and my credits under the 'Fair Use' Act.
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Awesome poster and video! You rock! Woohoo!
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ZeMagician-WildCardHobbyist General Artist
You have insulted the actors of The Fast and the Furious, and I feel scarred.....
thedriveintheatre's avatar
Well, I'm a huge fan of The Fast and the Furious franchise and its actors, and I never intended to slur them in any way.
ZeMagician-WildCard's avatar
ZeMagician-WildCardHobbyist General Artist
Forget what I said, it was just my immediate reaction. I was never here.
thedriveintheatre's avatar
No worries, thanks for seeing this anyway! It's good to meet a fellow fan of the series.
ZeMagician-WildCard's avatar
ZeMagician-WildCardHobbyist General Artist
-bows- I was really depressed by Paul Walker's death....I still am.
thedriveintheatre's avatar
Yeah, I wonder how they're gonna get his brother to pull it off. Hopefully it'll look okay in the end. He was a good man, taken from us too soon.
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ZeMagician-WildCardHobbyist General Artist
Very true. Too soon.
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I think I've fainted.
The video's awesome... Really...
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Lemme see if I got the cast:

Twilight Sparkle - Dominic Toretto
Rainbow Dash - Brian O'Conner
Applejack - Leticia "Letty" Ortiz
Queen Chrysalis - Owen Shaw
Pinkie Pie - Tej Parker
Rarity - Roman Pierce
Trixie - Luke Hobbs
Fluttershy - Han

Am I right? If I forgot someone tell me
thedriveintheatre's avatar
Spot on! I'm glad you noticed it, for all my mash-up trailers, I try to match a character to a voice. Some mash-up editors synch various characters to the same voice for convenience sake, but it ends up confusing the viewer and it doesn't make sense if it was a real trailer. I try to edit my parodies such that if you showed it to someone with no knowledge of the two things that are being mashed, they would think it's the real deal!

If you liked this, do check out my older spoofs on my YT channel, like The Dark Bot and Quantum of Bolt, where I even put up fake cast lists in the description! :) I forgot to do it for this one, but you've done the job for me!

I just wish Han had more lines in the trailer, cos Fluttershy (my fave of the Mane Six) didn't get to do much, haha.
Rainbow2-0's avatar

Fluttershy is your FAVORITE pony?! :faint:
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Just a thing:

Why you didn't putted any REAL cars on the poster? I mean...

Where's the Plymouth Superbird? The Jensen Interceptor? These cars are awesome!
thedriveintheatre's avatar
Well, I considered that, but I couldn't find any vectors of the film's cars and to composite live-action cars with cartoon elements doesn't make it a cohesive whole. I felt it was better to go with the canon "cars" in the show (the parade floats) on my poster.

Besides, the parade floats (along with trains, ponies going fast and "Tank") were my substitutes in the trailer, so it made sense to feature them on the poster, just like real movie ones do.

If you wanna see a real car next to a famous pony OC in a F&F6-inspired poster, you can check out my other piece... ;)

Rainbow2-0's avatar
OK, but you couldn't draw the cars I mentioned?
thedriveintheatre's avatar
Well, not in the show-style vector format. I could probably sketch 'em with a pencil as a drawing, but I'll still need practice before I can do a decent job!
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Que legaaaalllllll..... :)
DC-Fat-Gorillas's avatar
Superb work, like always.

When I get free, I would give it the proper comment it deserve.
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Thanks bud, I still owe you on that wonderful Rio/Dark Knight Rises trailer you did for me last year. :)
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