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Andre, otherwise known as TDIT, runs an open-air cinema called The Drive-In Theatre along Interstate 89, Carburetor Canyon. He's a fan of movies, cars, and movies about cars. He is also passionate about animation, Pixar's in particular, and harbours dreams of working for them or any of the big animation production houses one day. He also enjoys action flicks (of the spy and police genres), and big-budget fantasy and historical blockbusters. He loves reading fantasy and thriller books, as well as historical, technological and philosophical non-fiction.

Born in Malaysia, he enjoyed drawing cartoon characters based on Garfield and Tintin in exercise books as a kid, graduating to passing doodles during class and designing the classroom notice board wall during his elementary school years. Growing up on a staple diet of Saturday morning cartoons and Renaissance-era Disney cartoons from the 90s, he took a liking to cartooning as a career. His parents humoured his interest by sending him for art and creative writing classes, as well as taking him to meet the famous Malaysian syndicated cartoonist C.W. Kee, who does the daily comic serial "It's A Durian Life". After receiving constructive criticisms to "shade-in his drawings", he received an autograph of a bald man running from a rolling durian.

At the age of ten, he got his first break when his short poem with accompanying illustrations on tea-drinking fairies got published in his local newspaper. Spurred by this recent success, he submitted short stories and drawings to his primary and secondary school yearbooks, which were printed to the amusement of his friends and family. When he was twelve, he designed the promotional artowrk for his high-school play on the Pied Piper of Hamelin. His depiction of a giant anthropomorphic rat dressed in medieval clothes were displayed on posters and banners around the school.

Nothing much happened artistic-wise after that, as he was busy preparing for the much-dreaded 'O' Level examinations. During his pre-university year, he watched Pixar's 2006 film Cars in theatres and was completely blown away by the engaging story and spectacular visuals. Realising that people actually made a living from animated films, and to the horror of his parents who had been expecting him to undertake a law degree, he enrolled in the arts faculty of a certain Group 8 Australian university and never looked back.

He resided in the home of Nemo the clown-fish; Sydney, New South Wales for five years to complete his bachelor and later master's degree, before working for six months at a coupon-magazine company that shares the same name as a movie starring Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Bacon. While working at his first job, he discovered the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and joined the secret cult known as the bronies. He later got a job offer at the biggest print organisation in Singapore, and, with a heavy heart, he had to leave his uni mates and equine-loving friends behind.

He is currently working as a sub-editor and a movie critic for a free national tabloid, in between creating silly trailer parodies and fan music videos on Youtube, while entertaining plans of restarting a long-dormant Cars crossover fanfic on FanFiction. This dA account is but another addition to his wide repertoire of creative endeavours and he hopes he will have a fruitful and super happy fun time with this experience.

Current Residence: Singapore
Favourite genre of music: Film soundtracks
Operating System: Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: iPod classic & Zen Vision M
Favourite cartoon character: Wall-E
So the legendary Andy Price, comic illustrator for DC, Marvel and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, was in town for the Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention as a guest speaker. He drew the first four issues of the MLP comics and a Rarity Micro Series called How Rarity Got Her Groove Back.

I was quite disappointed his panel was quite badly conducted - the LOUDspeakers weren't LOUD enough and you could hardly hear what he and the other panelists were saying.

What was not disappointing, though, were his commissions! He had a booth where he could meet the fans and take commissions and autographs. I missed out on getting a commision from him for Bronycon 2013 - partly because I didn't know if he was accepting any and partly because I had hardly any cash left from supporting the fan artists and getting guest autographs.

I knew I couldn't miss out on this second chance.

When I first went to his booth, he wasn't there, but his wife, Alice, was. I got this original from her. When he signed my Rarity Micro Series cover later, he told me he drew it in the airport.

I also saw it on his Twitter, so I was glad to see it in his portfolio folder and snag it. I then wandered around and returned about 20 minutes later. He still wasn't there!

Then I realised Alice was in fact writing down commission requests for Andy, when I noticed the guy in front of me was informing Alice of his commission (a bat pony OC with Twilight Sparkle). She told him that he would have to pick his up at the very end of the show. I freaked out when I had a peek at her waitlist - it was one-and-a-half pages long and it's only two hours into the convention!

I had only a one-day pass, so after the guy left, I sheepishly talked to Alice and we arranged for her to hand me my commissions the next day outside the convention hall at 10am. But she could wait outside only for 15 minutes before she goes back in.

I then went to the Walk of Fame to have Andy sign the Rarity Micro Series. A girl in front of me was dressed in a Tigger suit. He asked her to hop to his table and he grinned! What a TROLL!

Then it was my turn. I told him that Rarity's my favourite issue and that I met him previously at Bronycon. He said he enjoyed this year's Bronycon as well. I also told him his "boss" (as she called herself) had written down my commissions and he laughed. I asked him to sign it to me, but he forgot.

We took a selfie.

For the group shot, he told me to look to my left. I fell for it.

I spent the rest of the day watching his panel and hanging out with the guy who commissioned his bat pony OC with Twilight Sparkle (we had actually communicated on a FB group before). We lurked at Andy's table (Alice was there, she told us he had retreated to the guest lounge to finish his commissions) and flipped through his portfolio. I tried to show off my knowledge of the Rarity issue by pointing out who I thought was Wheat Grass, but Alice corrected me and said it's Flax Seed (Wheat is the mare, Flax is the stallion). #epicfail

This was a deleted scene - apparently telegraphs aren't canon.

An open print of Derpeeeee

I sent in my references and instructions to Andy's e-mail at about 8pm and hoped he read it before starting on my commission.

The next morning, I was a nervous wreck, because I had already paid for the commissions upfront. Did my e-mail reach them? Was I standing at the right spot? What if I missed them? The worst that could happen was he drew something else involving my OCs and I had to pay just to get in if I missed them, but it's no big deal - because it's Andy Price!!!

But, lo and behold, the couple arrived on the dot at 10am! Alice handed me the commissions while Andy went ahead.

The first was a 1-figure pencil of Fluttershy eating ramen. Shy's my fave pony and ramen's my fave dish. I love the speech he added!

The second was a 2-figure marker of my OCs - Sam Seng, a male earth pony gangster, and Cili Padi, a female mousedeer cop. My brief to him was:

Heat is one of my all-time favourite movies, featuring a cop (Al Pacino) vs a criminal (Robert De Niro). If you could draw my OCs dressed like them having a shootout in a Singapore setting, that would be super cool. :)

And he drew this:

Either he didn't know how to draw guns or is a massive troll. I'm inclined to think the latter (kidding, I love his interpretation - they look WICKED!).

So thank you to Big Boss Alice and the one-and-only, troll-tastic Andy Price!

  • Listening to: Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Lorde
  • Reading: Twilight's List
  • Watching: Planes: Fire & Rescue
  • Playing: Journey
  • Eating: Ramen
  • Drinking: Root beer



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