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Armored Commander Firebrand
Quick flat color piece of :iconjoshscorcher: aka Firebrand dressed in Medieval armor. Flat colors like this are available for commission $15. Shade and highlight adds $10 for $25 full color price, backgrounds are also $10 more regardless of color level choice.

This piece is also for sale for $15, to purchase send payment to my paypal below with a message including; the title of this piece and an email you would like a copy of the full sized file sent to.
Ex: Armored Commander Firebrand to

To contact for commissions and purchases:

Please make all payments and/or any donations to support my continued art creation to:

The design for Commander Firebrand is owned by :iconjoshscorcher: and not allowed to be copied even with purchase of the fan piece. 
Summer Sticker Sale and Stream Event! See Details!
Summer Sticker Sale and Stream event started on 6/30, these are all the current stickers available for sale $5. My husband is working as a civilian over seas for the airforce currently and his last job fired him illegally. He has a case to get them to pay him back the bills we suffered after his firing and give him his job back or pay back those bills and give him a large severance pay to leave. However if he can't get to the case when it's scheduled to testify he automatically forfeits so right now I'm looking for donations and sales to reach $1000. This will pay off the remaining bills from the credit card so my husband can use that to cover the $4000 airplane ticket if he has to fly next day from the middle east. Please share/retweet/promote if not able to purchase or donate if you can please, I would greatly appreciate it. I have a whole group of Summer Themed stickers coming soon as well as some finished commissions and prints. Thank you for your time. ^w^

Each number picture costs $5 even, through paypal you may make the payment and leave a note for the number(s) you want and an email contact to mail the individual picture copies too.
I was tagged by :iconrancor-palmach:


1. Post these rules.

2. Post 10 facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 other characters (I will if possible)

4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Let us begin!

Fact 1: Dream was 20 yrs of age she left home to join a nomadic gypsy group called the hulta, she was with them for two years before being encased in the amber of an ancient magic tree for 1,500 yrs. She has been living in modern day equestria for the last 3 yrs following a team of archaeologist teleporting her out of the amber and is now 1,525 yrs old in reality.

Fact 2: Dream has two sisters whom lived out their lives while she was away, her younger sister Minuette; a musically inclined painter married an architect and together they set up different clock towers to play a different orchestral piece of a different song each day at 12. Her older sister Seashell met a Mercolt while diving for pearls to use in her jewelery making business off the reef close to Maretonia. They secretly met on the beach close to her childhood home for many years before she took a potion and married and moved to under the sea. Both had 2 children and many grandchildren followed.

Fact 3: The hulta give directions and navigate by the sun and stars more so than using terms such as 'north, west, right, left' so instead of 'to the north on the right' it would be 'starboard of the sun' or to 'follow the north star' depending on what time of day they were moving. So Dream had to learn to navigate in the same way. A feat that also ended up in handy while escaping from pirates in a row boat, but that's another story...

Fact 4: Dream always had a heightened sense of touch from her connection to the earth on flat ground from the time she was young. However, with the shifting of sand to walk through for years followed by being trapped underground for over a thousand years, all Dream's senses are super heightened! She can sense creatures within a 3 mile radius and can control plants within that same range, her eyes are far more sensitive to light so she now usually sleeps through the middle of the day and is awake through the night, the same reason has left her skin prone to sunburn. She see's or hears the smallest movement/noise, she will freeze and go on high alert.

Fact 5: Even before her senses got heightened, Dream was prone to being jumpy at loud noises but since her release she's developed astraphobia which is a fear of thunder and lightning. Lightning not so much but a clap of thunder has Dream diving under the nearest crouch height furniture piece. Even the clatter of loud pot pans will make her hair stand on end though.

Fact 6: Part of why Dream likes to garden is she's also a cooking fan and often grows most of her own ingredients. Recipes for dim sum, stirfry, curry, gyyros, chicken mushroom florentine, ect. Different pieces she learned or tried on her travels. Baking's a favorite weekend hobby though cause Dream has a really bad sweet tooth she has to reign in from time to time. Still, the plant's also serve the purpose of use in her natural healing recipes that she uses to cure anything from illness, injury, and aches.

Fact 7: Contrary to belief, the 'Sage' part of my name is refering to the plant called 'sage' not the wise title given to elders. 'Dream Sage' is based off the very plant I have as my cutie mark known as Clary Sage. A member of the sitiva genus of plants that in medieval times due to it's hallucinatory effects was believed to encourage lucid dreaming to even visions of the future. The same goes for Dream's Shadow Manifestation DaturaWeed as the name Datura is latin for 'nightshade'. A plant much like Clary Sage aside from it's a poison and is known for causing horrifying hallucinations.

Fact 8: The navy blue in Dream's main is temporary hair dye as I've explained before to some. It's a bit of a problem in that Dream also loves to walk around in the rain (minus any lightning or thunder) and the blue washes out with water easily. So any time Dream gets splashed or goes out in the rain it's guaranteed to wash out. However she also straightens her main and tail every day so after her hair dries naturally it also gets lots of curls and waves in it. 

Fact 9: Dream is exceedingly small and stands about 1/3rd the height of an average modern pony. The ponies of Maretonia also have slightly thicker coats living in mountain ocean coasts so Dream gets quite fluffy in the winter which she struggles to control with anti-frizz and bundling up. Doesn't help much. Just don't try and rest your elbow atop her head due to her short stature, no one likes someone else's pits in their face and she will aim for the ribs right next to her.

Fact 10: Dream is one of few ponies that can climb trees on their own. While Dream could lower the branches down to just lift her up, she finds it more worth while to work her way up on her own so she can check the tree over for parasites or virus's on it. She will even jump from the branch of one tree to another if it's safe, has a good sense of her center of gravity and is quite graceful from when her mom made her go through cotillion training. 

  • Listening to: Brave Enough-Lindsey Stirling ft Christina Perri
  • Watching: How To Train Your Dragon; Race To The Edge
  • Drinking: Water


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Dream Sage
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United States
Hello everyone, I am Dream Sage but just Dream is fine. I'm a self taught digital artist who's always looking into new techniques and ways to improve. I do custom art work and print sales. Though I'm still getting started in selling my art, it is something I'm passionate and dedicated to doing. I will also occassionally stream gaming and drawing. One thing I love about art is especially animation, being able to literally paint a story for others to see, even the most incredible thing is possible in animation and you can thank these animating tools for also helping to improve the effects in live actions as well. Now great animation to a bad story doesn't work of course but as long as both parts are well done I'm likely a fan unless I haven't yet heard of it. Certain things I grew up on such as Disney and early Cartoon Network as well as new cartoons like Star Vs, Tangled ever after and My Little Pony are what you're likely to see, however I can also do an arrange of fantasy creatures, people and backgrounds from scratch.
If you're interested in some art from me, check me out below. For custom art commissions you can also shoot me an email to the one attached.



PLEASE DO NOT; contact me for any reasons other than art in my email. I do not do horror or gore unless it's Halloween cause I am not comfortable with it and while I will do NSFW images to a degree only the censored version will be allowed in my portfolio.

Thank you for reading and it's a pleasure to meet you all. ^w^


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