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This would be a reminder that today is the last day for Assignment 45, except since I am stepping down as Dean, starting tomorrow, I am allowing all members to submit any assignment listed below of their choosing.

We are still looking for positions for Dean and Head Student Liasons. Details can be found here.

Here are the assignments during my reign as Dean:
Blending, Lines, and Hatching
Playing with Shadows and Shading
Values and Keys
Playing with Colors
Playing with Perspectives
Repeating with Repetition
Faces and Facial Expressions
Hair Styles!
Hands and Feet
Families with Different Body Types
Animals, All Around
The Return of Plants
The Return of Materials
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
Thank you for your submissions!

Assignment 45: Environments
Session dates:  December 15th - December 28th

Since this is the final assignment with me as Dean, I think it's appropriate if you show me the world you live in or a world that best describes you or what you want your world to be.

Again, for more info on positions available for this club, read this journal here.

Blog on drawing new worlds

Assignment:  Draw outside, be it your backyard, front porch, or your favorite hangout.

You may use yourself, anything you observe in real life, or photos you have in  your collection.  Also, you may use stock here on dA for reference or use the stock for humans or for animals.  If you do use stock that isn't yours, please read their terms of use!

Electorate:  Draw your favorite characters celebrating the holidays!

Deadline: December 28th
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To encourage artists willing to learn and/or improve basic drawing techniques.


1. We give you an assignment.
2. You have two weeks to complete it, should you choose to accept the assignment.
3. Show your progress (up to five deviations) in the Workshop folder.
4. Show your final results in the Completed Assignments folder at the due date of the assignment.


Featured: Deviations made for this club.

Completed Assignments (formerly Show and Tell): Submit your assignment work and Electorate drawings here.

Workshops: Submit any work you want critiqued here that are related to the current assignment.

Tutorials: Submit or recommend tutorials/tips here.

Extra Critiques (formerly WIP Critiques): Submit deviations that you wish to share and (preferably) critiqued, but they are not related to the assignment.


Welcome to the group! Please read the group intro and student guide before submitting anything!

Group Intro: thedrawingacademy.deviantart.c…

Student Guide:
(Recommended for all new students)

Group Chat:… (if you want to discuss stuff, get real time critique or just meet your fellow students.
Feel free to mosey on over.)

Q & A thedrawingacademy.deviantart.c…

Current Assignment: -----------------------> This is My World (Environments)

External Links

Figure & Gesture Drawing Tool…
"Which is a good (free) site for practice on quick gesture drawings or (if you have the patience to sort through them) reference photos."
suggested by LordPlague2

Posemaniacs: A site for use of skeletal and muscular figures you can interact by moving the angles of the 3D figure
suggested by starhavenstudios

Lackadaisy Useful Art Links…

Andrew Loomis: Here are some downloadable books by Andrew Loomis…
suggested by gibsos

Please note starhavenstudios if you'd like to recommend an external link.


Meet the staff!


Submission Moderator

Head of Student Liaisons









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This group is looking for positions to help run it. Details can be found in this journal, Extra Position available!
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