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Daria Becomes of Death



DISCLAIMER: "Daria" and its characters belong to MTV Networks.

Okay, I originally wanted to get this done around Halloween but alas, I was insanely busy that week and then I suffered the toothache from hell (which always seem to pop up whenever I'm under a great deal of stress).

Enough about me, now onto this piece. A very odd idea in itself...but kind of a cool one though. I felt like adding a little something to the scythe staff and I wanted to give the classic grim reaper cloak something new such as the ominous swirlies (think Poop Dawg and Nightmare!Professor Membrane in "Invader Zim").

Poor Daria. She spent her life with morons in Lawndale, now she gets to deal with more morons in the afterlife. *sigh*
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