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Tyrannosaurus Rex Vs. Grizzly Bear

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I was commissioned once again by friend Greg Noneman to illustrate a fight inspired by Primitive War, by Ethan Pettus, between a father tyrannosaurus rex and a modern day grizzly bear- obviously, the bear isn't winning...

*Note: This isn't supposed to be accurate, this was just a fun concept based off of what Greg wanted design wise. I'm aware tyrannosaurus rex probably didn't look like this. 

*Note: No bears were harmed in making of this illustration and I have nothing but love for our ursidae friends.

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mynameisnotdave23Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dinosaurian superiority!  
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Mast3r-Rainb0wHobbyist Digital Artist
Yoshi vs. Banjo
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F that stupid Tyrannosaurus Rex. *shoots it with cannon*

Anyway this is fantastic. Not only is it a epic battle but the details are just amazing.
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Andreone93Hobbyist General Artist
Fanne uno con un lupo
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Can u learn me something???

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NintendiansHobbyist General Artist
jurassic world 3.

dinosaurs causing chaos.
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GoFigureComicsHobbyist Artist
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Good morning friend, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
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PocketIllustStudent Digital Artist
Tyrantrum VS Ursaring
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XenoTeeth3Hobbyist General Artist
Reminds me of what Red hulk said to Devil dinosaur in Agents of Smash . That he could eat all the bears he wanted
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That could have been a mommy bear for all we know >_>
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thank you for making the tyrannosaurus to some degree, historically accurate 
(the feathers)
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TaliesaurusHobbyist Digital Artist
actually if t.rewx had feathers, it's likely they were small and more akin to hair of elephants.
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yea true true
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TaliesaurusHobbyist Digital Artist
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yeah no contest...
awesome picture!!
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Hey man, realistic or not this is nothing but badass!
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It could be a scene from “Footprints of Thunder”, by James F. David, an awesome, too overlooked epic.
imagine “Jurassic Park” if it had been coauthored by Rod Serling.
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When Ethan Pettus the author of the novel began writting it in the waning years of the 2010s, he went with what was the then accurate model of T. Rex being feathered and as such it's now stuck, and feathers really work for this book series both from design asethetic and from in-story lore. I imagine if he had wrote it nowadays he would've went with scaly. Much research goes into the writing of the book and I've even helped in that regard by speaking with tyrannosaur paleontologists Dr. Thomas Holtz and Dr. Thomas Carr. Anyone in the comments section that's curious to learn more of the backstory behind Primitive War along with other behind the scenes secrets, I have two interviews with the author on my YouTue channel, and if you search for Primitive War followed by Ethan Pettus in the search bar, you'll quickly find my interviews. I also will include links to the relevant PW pages to follow on Facebook and Instagram which includes all the official concept art, more community creations like this, and other exciting content.

Primitive War Discussion Group:…
Primitive War Page:…
Primitive War Instagram:…

For those interviews on my channel plus others of note:
Prehistory ATG Part 1:…
Prehistory ATG Part 2:…
Jurassic Outpost:…

The piece overall came out fantastic, with the Father T. Rex really looking like a force of destruction in this foreshadowing of events to come from later novels as the dinosaurs continue on their migration from outside of that Vietnamese valley they first appeared in. The next commission Rushelle does will be 100% legit Primitive War content as she partakes in "The Father's Hunt" series, a series of illustrations depicting the Father T. Rex on several of his Asiatic Elephant hunts in varying sections of the Valley plus showing different stages of the hunt. Also partaking in the series will be paleoartists Emily Stepp and Jeremias Reyes whom is also the new official concept artist for Primitive War II: Animas Infernal which will likely be out sometime within spring/summer of 2020. 
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JaredRodriguez4Student Artist
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RegnoArtHobbyist Photographer
Mor'du would probably dare to fight....^^;
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OutlanderAshtonProfessional Writer
Freakin awesome for more than a few reasons!!! this is so colorful and GO TREX! 
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that's a very green grassy looking rex
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