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Tyrannosaurus Rex Vs. Elephant

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I was commissioned once again by my friend Greg Noneman to illustrate another fight inspired by Primitive War by Ethan Pettus. This time a father tyrannosaurus is bringing an elephant home for dinner to mamma and their young.

*Note: This isn't supposed to be accurate, this was just a fun concept based off of what Greg wanted design wise. I'm aware tyrannosaurus rex probably didn't look like this. 

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This is great! My niece would hate this, though, since elephants are one of her favorite animals.
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photoripHobbyist Photographer
Stunning work.... :trophy: :clap:
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BlueRavenfireProfessional Digital Artist
really great work! :)
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"Mommy can I has?"

"Yes sweetie you can has!"
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I do intend to commission a followup to this showing the Mother and Father T. Rex having a family feast with their two chicks on the shoreline of the waterfall in time. In all honesty, those would make for two very good and hilarious captions for this picture. 
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RodrigoNunesPinoVSStudent General Artist
This is not a Tyrannosaurus Rex. This is a giant chicken.
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Get with the times, bro. T-Rexes had feathers. We all have to accept that.
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RodrigoNunesPinoVSStudent General Artist
T-Rexes had feathers and the Earth is flat hahaha
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1. I can't tell if you're being serious, and that's very concerning. But just in case...
2. T-Rexes having feathers is pretty much scientifically confirmed.
3. Do you really think I'm stupid enough to be a flat-earther? To say you insult me is an understatement. You may as well call me a fucking anti-vaxxer while you're at it.
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dinoboi2001Hobbyist Digital Artist

I won't be surprised if you are, we have absolutely no scientific evidence condirming T.Rex had feathers, in fact, all the scientific evidence goes against the feathered rex, there's 97.4% chance that T.Rex was fully covered in scales and only 2.6% it had feathers.

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Actually a study done in 2017 concluded that T. Rex did, in fact, fave feathers. They would have just been limited to the upper side of the trunk/torso. At least on adults.

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dinoboi2001Hobbyist Digital Artist

Funny, because the study actually said that there is 97.4% chance that T.Rex was fully covered in scales and only 2.6% chance it had feathers. you seem to have no idea what you're talking about.

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Where did it say that? Or are you one of those people that can't handle scientific progress?

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RodrigoNunesPinoVSStudent General Artist
Reality is just a dream. The past is constantly changing, all scientific knowledge is also an illusion. The only reality is Nirvana, the life that links the Absolute One and sapient beings through love and will.
The Earth really is flat in one of the millions of multiverses, and there is also a multiverse where the Greek gods really live and rule. T-Rexes do have feathers in certain multiverses, and in others they do not. My T-Rexes have reptile scales.
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I'm gonna stop talking to you know. You're making me nervous.
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evil-vivianneHobbyist Digital Artist
somehow these remind me of critters, ya know those little balls of fur from outer space that tried to take over the world in a 1986 movie.
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I take it you and your friend have been watching PRIMAL?

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RoFlo-FelorezHobbyist Digital Artist
this is awesome and beautiful, and i hope this doesn't come off as insulting in some way, but at first glance i thought the T Rex on the right was watching a small elephant STAB another T Rex through the face with his trunk, and I was like "Jesus that's one hell of a trunk" but then I read the description and that made WAY more sense than whatever the hell is going on in my mind xD 

I do love this though, the detail is amazing and its so beautiful to look at :D 
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JuanjosexdStudent Digital Artist
great work! 
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RyuseDrawsHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice work! Thank you for posting this. This piece is great o(^◇^)o
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Male: honey I'm home as I got dinner
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SPlNELESSHobbyist Digital Artist
why can't more of this be on my feed, instead of pikachu with breasts?
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Because Deviant Art is weird!
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