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The Jersey Devil

A drawing of one of my favorite cryptids, the Jersey Devil. People who have claimed to have seen it say it looks like creature that has long black fur, a head and back legs of a horse, antlers like a deer, wings like a bat, deep blood red eyes, and a snake like tail. I really enjoyed drawing this.

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Not fantasy I've seen it and I have photo's of the footprints thing is damn real. 
TheDragonofDoom's avatar
Mind sharing them? The Jersey Devil fascinates me!
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I got the footpirnt on my page and art of it go right ahead.
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This is an awesome version of this creature!!!  Headbang! 
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this looks awesome!!!!
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"You're not gonna find the Crooked Man, Bigby. He's not in your town... you're in his!"
- Jersey
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This is my all-time favorite cryptid! :la:  And you depicted him brilliantly! ^^  Spectacular work! :clap:
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It's a freaking awsome picture!
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Incredible design for him.
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Excellent work! I just finished writing a crypto-themed manuscript and THIS is exactly how I pictured the Devil.

Again, awesome job!
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Best Jersey Devil!!!OMG!!!
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This is a gorgeous interpretation!
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wow this is amazing! <3
Cryptids completely fascinate/terrify me. This is one of the creepiest renditions of the Jersey Devil I've seen. Well done, good sir. :onfire:
TheDragonofDoom's avatar
Same here, Cryptids and the paranormal fascinate and scare me. XD Thanks!
Or madam, in your case. Sorry, I looked at your profile only after I commented.
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Very nice! I love it!
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