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Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus Skeleton Study

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It's about time I started a new anatomy study, and what could be more perfect than the new updated spinosaurus aegyptiacus? I really dig the new tail, it looks way more accurate and realistic now. I love when new discoveries have been made of extinct animals that completely change how we originally thought they looked like.

For those of you who don't know, my two anatomy books "An Atlas of Dinosaur Anatomy" and "An Atlas of Prehistoric Animal Anatomy" are up for sale! If you like my studies like this one then you will love my books! Both come with many animals and several that will ONLY be found in my books! There's also a special Evolution of Baleen Whales in my Prehistoric Animal Anatomy book, you will not find this study anywhere else! Feel free to ask me questions. I will be selling them at Amazon and Barns and Noble soon, I'm going through the whole process and I will post links as soon as they're approved! You can buy them now from Lulu at these links:

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EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist
looks grand :la:
i was wondering when i'd see your take on this :)
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Kyouken0w0Hobbyist General Artist
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An incredible work, indeed !
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K0M3THobbyist Traditional Artist
This is incredible.
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SyrinqHobbyist Digital Artist
GOD i remember using some of your older skeleton studies in my high school dinosaur essay like 2 years ago
such a nice surprise to see this wonderful art on the front page, you deserve it! :D
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What a beautiful study, and what an amazing beast!
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MokisaurHobbyist Digital Artist
huh, never realized they had weird arms like that lol this is badass
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To be fair, most people's idea of what the Spinosaurus looks like comes from the Jurassic Park III movie, but that Spino was based off only three partial skeletons: one found in 1915 and the other two in 1996 and 1998, only a couple years before the movie came out. Neither of them had arms if I recall correctly. It was only in after the movie came out we found arm bones that proved it was actually not a straight-up bi-pedal and more of a fish eater then meat eater. So more like crocs and alligators then T-Rex. 

Point I'm making is that these arms make much more sense then the Jurassic Park image since they look made for paddling and keeping arms flat against the body. Because the more stream-lined you are, the better swimmer you are, especially with a tall fin spine on your back which could topple you over.
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DionetteHobbyist Artisan Crafter
La la la la YES, SPINO, MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hyped to see this one restored.
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My favorite Dinosaur.
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A great picture! I want to draw fantasy creatures for my own world and your anatomy studies are really helpful.
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