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Mismatched Mess

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Starting off the new year with some Pokemon art! So when I first started playing Pokemon Shield I thought the new dinosaur Pokemon Dracozolt, Arctozolt, Dracovish, and Artovish were just awful. I didn't understand why they were so weird looking and mismatched until I read online that they were purposely done that way. For those of you who don't know, this was done by Pokemon as sort of a joke. Since the new games are very much UK inspired they made the Pokemon fossils mismatched, creating these abominations. This is based off the real life London's Crystal Palace Park where the statues of dinosaurs were incorrect and parts misplaced. Now knowing the back story I actually love these four, it's hilarious and a fun wink to history.

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Love it.

Hay since this great rendition reminded me of these Pokemon.... anyone else remember The Fly 2 (not return of the fly)

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TyrantKing1998Hobbyist General Artist
It reminded me of when Cope put Elasmosaurus' head on the end of its tail by mistake.
Mr-Meloetta's avatar
Mr-MeloettaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Man I love these things
The-Last-UniRaptor's avatar
The-Last-UniRaptorStudent Digital Artist
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TheThunder-ArtHobbyist Digital Artist
I dunno, this artwork makes them look... less of a mess.
RedGekkouga's avatar
RedGekkougaHobbyist Digital Artist
A-Ron1990's avatar
The four worst fossils. I hope we get what they really look like in the future.
Animedino321's avatar
i still hate these 4 things
A-Ron1990's avatar
Same. They look like someone should put 'em out of their misery.
Animedino321's avatar
EXACTKY YET SOME PEOPLE LIKE THEIR DESIGNS, i can understand someone liking grimsnarl even though i think its nasty looking but THESE 4 DESERVE NO LOVE
A-Ron1990's avatar
People actually like these monstrosities?! I get that they have an interesting origin (early days of paleontology and the Bone Wars), but that doesn't mean they're good. The only one that's even remotely acceptable in my opinion is Arctovish. Just turn its head around.
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NoQualityContentHobbyist Digital Artist
IDK, I honestly think that Dracozolt is kinda cute, in a weird little Frankenstein's monster-type way.
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Not actually based on what happened with the early dinosaurs. They are much closer to what happened in the US with the Bone Wars. Where palaeontologists literally were putting heads on tails, and mixing animals up (Apatosaurus and Camarasaurus for example).

Also. None of the dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park have any of their bones misplaced (in fact there is only one example of mismatched bones in UK history, and it was a hoax). They are just incorrect interpretations of small amounts of bone.
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MellowSunPantherHobbyist General Artist
Like you I didn't think all too well of the Galar fossil Pokémon, with them being all mismatched.  Dracozolt and Dracovish looked particularly a mess, but I learned something new about the four from reading the description.  Moreover they look great and better fit to their bodies in your style.
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It is a nice nod to history and a lot of early discovered dinosaur bones were put back together inorectly.
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"Every moment we AGONY."
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scissorclawHobbyist Writer
It's not just the Crystal Palace Park.  Look up Piltdown Man.  Another fine example of period British "archaeology" at its best.
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RavenCoronaProfessional General Artist
This is horrible if you realize that they are actually constantly suffering. Are the Galar scientists really so dumb that they messed up everything just like that? Hm... a, nah, just freakin' Game Freak.
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monkfishloverHobbyist Digital Artist
its based on the old practice of combining parts from different dinosaurs which used to be a thing
RavenCorona's avatar
RavenCoronaProfessional General Artist
I know. But again, the execution of the idea is horrible. Just look at those Pokemon, they are so miserable like that...
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It's just one person running the fossil revival, a "scientist" named Cara Liss

two things I've noticed about her:

1. her name sounds almost like "Careless"

2. she doesn't wear matching shoes

RavenCorona's avatar
RavenCoronaProfessional General Artist
Well, that somehow explains it. But... how did she get the revival machine in the first place? How did she even become a scientist if she is SO careless? Even in her researches and reconstructions. That doesn't look really scientific to me. But if there is an explanation for this, it doesn't make the Pokemon less ugly and tormented.
Cara Liss is like a Game Freak's personification. Ahem.
MrWizardMan's avatar

1. i'm sure she didn't get that machine legit.

2. note how I said she was a "scientist" (notice the quotation marks)

furthermore, I can't imagine what she would do to previous gen fossil pokemon, because she's not a scientist. As far as I know, she just wants to play god (or arceus in this case)

in my opinion, it's probably better to let these fossil pokemon stay dead than revive them as these abominations

(at least until Game Freak gives us a way to revive them with their real bodies instead of what we see here)

RavenCorona's avatar
RavenCoronaProfessional General Artist
Yeah, right. But o course, Game Freak will give you the opportunity to revive them normally... for another 20$.
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