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Maiacetus inuus Restored by TheDragonofDoom Maiacetus inuus Restored by TheDragonofDoom
Here's the restored Maiacetus inuus that is a part of my "Evolution of Toothed Whales" series. Notice how the ears are becoming smaller and nostrils migrating higher up. Their tails are starting to become thicker and more powerful too.

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I think this has excellent rendering and even through it's somewhat of a plain colour scheme, it looks natural. The subtle counter shading looks like it would work well in murky water.

My only critical observations are towards the anatomy on the legs. Your skeletal diagram was excellent and true to reconstructions of this beast, however somehow the final image hasn't followed the bones too closely. I did an outline in this image here for reference:

The blue line is what I see as the general outline of the leg musculature (ignoring the patagium). The red line is what I have suggested that better follows the bones you have drawn. By using the red lines, the leg also stops being hyperextended at the ankle, like your skeletal is posed.

The front legs are also somewhat odd. The top section of muscle on the shoulder blade usually isn't as pronounced as what you have rendered, and it somehow looks like the entire leg is hung too low. Definitely the whole leg looks very beefy and out of place on this otherwise chunky restoration. You mention you reference modern Hippopotamuses for musculature, and I think that would work best here for the legs too.

Nonetheless, this series of pictures was very well done, and I appreciate you bringing attention to these lesser known animals.
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the rendering is nice but it seems the muscles are way too defined for this kind of animal, it looks like its supposed to be some kind of water cat. if the rest of the animals were as defined it would be fine but its just kind of jarring seeing the smoothness of the animal and then just have the limbs be bulging and having skin wrapped so tightly around only certain sections. also the choice of having two light sources is odd, having such a bright light come from above and below the creature kind of takes away from the from overall piece
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BlueRavenfire Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
great work :)
AntonellisofbBender Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2017  Student Filmographer
WOW i love this
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September 26, 2017
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