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Machairodus Aphanistus Skeleton Study

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I'm going to be doing a series on the evolution of felines. I'm going to pick several prehistoric cats throughout history and do anatomy studies on them, and see how cats have changed over time. This isn't going to be linear with a single cat, it'll just be cats I select at different time periods. So starting things off is machairodus aphanistus, which lived around late miocene to middle pleistocene. These cats had narrow heads and short legs, therefor they were probably ambush predators. I hope you guys enjoy my next big project!

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preimpressionProfessional Digital Artist
Looks great!

Just a few pointers as far as the labeling goes:

Your calcaneus line is incorrect - it's currently on part of the fibula. 
The nasal bones are the bones right above the nares, your line appears to be pointed into the nasal cavity.
The tooth you have marked as the Incisor teeth is actually the lower canine. 
The tooth you have marked as molars are premolars, unless there was some sort of crazy shift between Machairodus and modern felines that I'm not aware of.
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TKWTHHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice!!! Can I just give some advice regarding the upcoming muscle diagrams? You seem to have a habit of making your animals overly 'ripped', with the muscles bulging out a fair bit more than they should. I'd advise looking up some other muscle diagrams of existing animals to get a bit of a better idea of how much 'dimension' muscles have. Just a tip! :) That's not at all to disparage your talent, mind ^-^
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Thanks for the feedback!
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TKWTHHobbyist Digital Artist
It's okay!!!