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I really love the new Pokemon Dreepy, Drakloak, and Dragapult from Pokemon Shield and Sword. I was torn between making these guys look more amphibious or reptile, but in the end I went with a more reptile look since Dragapult is a dragon/ghost type. I also experimented with new paint brushes that supposed to look more like traditional painting and brush strokes and I really love the results.

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Ah. Yes. The best gen 8 pokemon and teeter of children
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*yeeter of children
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RavenCoronaProfessional General Artist
It really looks much better in your style compared to official...
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Very cool!
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TheeartistkidHobbyist General Artist
Keep up the great work!
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FirstDrellSpectreHobbyist Artist
Awesome drawing.
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Whoa. Pretty creepy & awesome looking! Nice going here!
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SirWongIIIHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is so awesome! :D
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DGold123Professional Digital Artist
it's so cool-!:D
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lynx318Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lizard commandos advance!!
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Except for the scaly skin (the Dragapult line are based on the Diplocaulus which are amphibians like salamanders, toads, and frogs), this is exactly what this line would look like in real life.
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SekayiJetteHobbyist Writer
I just realized that, and that would explain the ghost typing. 
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Yeah! Hell, Dreepy's Sword PokeDex entry states that it was reborn as a ghost type and lives in the areas it lived in back in prehistoric times. That's pretty awesome.
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JarsmanHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, you made the stupidest looking dragon pokemon looked coo!
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Why is it stupid looking? You know these are based on a real prehistoric animal, right?
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CTG22Hobbyist Writer
love this <3 
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RaiStormSkrillFuryHobbyist General Artist
WOW that's really cool!
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loner911Hobbyist Traditional Artist
amazing work!!
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Such a sharp look!
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My new favorite Ghost-type.
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very nice texturing
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This looks amazing. You're an amazing artist!
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