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Revenge of the island (a total drama island tg )

Jameson was your average black hair brown eyed 19 year old boy. He loved cartoons video games girls and the show total drama island. His favorite carecter was dawn from season 4 so much that he wished he could be in the show so he could date her. One day while walking home he walked by a magic shop a met the owner who have him a wish stone. When he got home he said I wish I could be on total drama island the stone then stated to glow as Jameson felt great pain as his feet got smaller his legs longer and his hips widen as his ass grew bigger. The his boxers became bikini bottoms as his manhood became woman hood. Then on his new body 2 breast grew felling out the bra as his face changed and his hair grew longer and turned blonde. Next he felt his iq drop as dawns memories took over and Jameson was gone then dawn said I can't wait to win that cash.
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