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Amaimon x Reader Part 6: Can't Say No
                      "No sweety, be care full," you said, scooping up your two year old son in your arms.
                      He wasn't much for words, but he was very expressive. Although he should be talking he simply refuses, because he knows he can get his point across just fine without them. He looked at you with those crystal blue eyes of his, pleading to be put back down so he could continue playing. You knew you couldnt resist those eyes, and most importantly he knew it too. Pushing your bottom lip out in a false pout you gave in, just like you both knew you would and set him back down.
                      "Just be careful Hiei," you said, stand by as he tottered around. Unknowingly tears started to fill your eyes as you watched him. Your little clone of the man you use to love... the man you still loved.
:iconthedragonblackheart:TheDragonBlackheart 72 18
Amaimon x Reader Part 5: Misunderstanding
                        You woke up cuddled against Amaimons bare chest, buried in a mass of tangled and shredded sheets. One of your legs was still hooked around his middle, keeping him in place and his arms still held you close.  After your steamy "activities" with Amaimon last night he'd put on a pair of sleep pants and you'd slipped on a long t-shirt but that was about it. Although demons don't necessarily NEED sleep, your boyfriend seemed to be sleeping soundly. Last night was your first time, not just with Amaimon but with anybody. Softly stroking his green hair you smiled lovingly at the pale unconscious face of your lover. He was so beautiful. Even last night when he was baring his teeth and digging his claws into your skin he was still completely captivating. Speaking of which...
                         "Oh thank god," you murmured as you examined
:iconthedragonblackheart:TheDragonBlackheart 54 1
Finn x Reader Part 6: Eternity
                        Your wedding day was suppose to be the best day of your life, one that would be engraved in your mind for all eternity. And it would be, but not a happy one as you'd originally hoped. Your wedding day would forever be remembered as the day that landed your husband in intensive care. You kept asking yourself why couldn't it have been you who'd been on the receiving end of the knife storm. You couldn't die. You would have healed and been walking around like nothing happened in a few days tops if it were you in the Candy Kingdom hospital bed. But no, Finn was the one connected to a respirator. He was the one lying unconscious in the hospital bed. He was a normal human, not "improved" like you were.
                           It shoul
:iconthedragonblackheart:TheDragonBlackheart 148 191
Bambam (Got7) x Reader: Body Heat
                         "Wow, I thought we'd make it back before the rain started," Bambam laughed, partially out of breath, running his fingers back through his hair as he dripped water onto the dorm carpet.
                          "S-so did I," you managed to smile back at him even though you were frozen. The forecast hadn't called for rain today so you'd worn a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, which you were severely regretting now. Half way back to your boyfriends dorm it started to pour, so the two of you were completely drenched.
                        Running your hands up and down your arms you tried to warm yourself up. You were shivering so bad you could imagine yourself as one of those weird little twitchy lap dogs that had to wear a ridiculous sweater all the time. While you were lost i
:iconthedragonblackheart:TheDragonBlackheart 112 6
Jackson Wang (Got7) x Reader: Persistance Pays Off
                           "Hey," A familiar voice said from beside you. Glancing away from a book you were thinking of purchasing you were unable to stop the irritated expression that came to your face when you realized who was beside you.
                            "Hi," you replied curtly and returned your attention to your book. The standoffish attitude you were radiating did nothing to repel the all too confident man next to you.
                            "Have we met before?" He asked with a grin.
                            With a roll of your eyes you stepped away from him, continuing to scan the shelves for something to read. You knew that he wouldn't leave you alone as long as you were in the store
:iconthedragonblackheart:TheDragonBlackheart 105 6
Shikamaru x Reader: My Pain
                   "Shikamaru!" You whined and rolled over so you were closer to him. Its a bright sunny day in The Hidden leaf village, which means its hotter than hell out. Especially on the dark roof top you and Shikamaru were resting on.
                   "Hm?" He grunted back to you.
                   "C'mon Shikamaru! Its getting hot up here, let's go back to my house." You said and poked his side.
                   "You know my mother would kill me if she knew I went to a girls house," Shikamaru said with a sigh, "she'd freak if she knew I was hanging out with you alone too."
                    "Well so would my dad, he'd kick my ass, but you're missing the key phrase here," you said and rolled over again so you could fold your a
:iconthedragonblackheart:TheDragonBlackheart 285 19
Mature content
Jaebum (JB) Lemon: You're My Everything :iconthedragonblackheart:TheDragonBlackheart 10 2
Tamaki x Reader: Confessions Of A Lonely Princess
                "My princess?"
                 You gave the blonde a weak smile.
                "I'm sorry, but this is the last time I'll be seeing you in this setting, Tamaki-kun." You said, looking into his breathtaking purple eyes, "Of course you and I will see each other in our classes, but I am no longer your client. As you will no longer be my host."
                "May I ask why?" Tamaki asked, taking one of your hands in his, "it's always devastating to lose such a radiant young woman. The pain your causing my very soul to feel is inconsolable."
                 He slipped his other arm around your waist and pulled you closer. His face came very close to yours, but you didn't waver. You gave him a sad smile. Placing your hands against his chest you gently pushed him a
:iconthedragonblackheart:TheDragonBlackheart 158 16
Finn x Reader Part 5: Beware Of Knife Storms
                     Once upon a time, a sick little girl named (name) was born. Everything about her was frail. Doctors said she wouldn't live through the first month. Her mother mourned for her daughter who wasn't even in the ground yet, but her father was determined to save the life of his offspring. He was the lead scientist in a top secret human improvement project and he'd do just about anything to keep her alive. Without the knowledge of his daughters doctors or her mother, he injected her with a series of serums from his experiments. Soon the small girl began to show remarkable improvement, living through the first five years of her life as a normal child. He continued to give her the injections. And soon realized the effects that they had on her. His daughter could lift nearly fifty times her own weight, run further and faster than he himself (a fairly fit man) could. Her eyes could see further, she could hear sharper, and
:iconthedragonblackheart:TheDragonBlackheart 171 85
Mature content
Mephisto x Reader: Reminiscing :iconthedragonblackheart:TheDragonBlackheart 111 20
Amaimon x Reader Part 4: Playing With Siblings
                     (Events in this won't match the episode to a T, but whatevs. If you don't like it don't read.)
                     "Where are you going today?"
                     "Big brothers amusement park," You said and slipped on a pair of shorts, "Mr.Okumura said to meet there, it's for a mission or something"
                      "An amusement park?" Amaimon said as he stepped closer to wrap his arms around your middle. After pulling your hair into a high ponytail you turned to face the green haired demon. Tiling your head to the side slightly you bit the inside of your cheek.
                     "You know," you said and pec
:iconthedragonblackheart:TheDragonBlackheart 158 37
Shima x Reader Part 2: Are We A Couple?
                      "Well that was the most interesting fifteen minutes I've spent in a movie theater," You said, shoveling a large handful of popcorn into your mouth. Glancing over to Shima who was still pale in the face you smirked, "my favorite part was when you screamed like a girl."
                     "I didn't realize that that movie was about a giant mutant bug," He said with a sigh, and slumped down slightly as you walked through the mall.
                     Shima had a slight pout on his face, no doubt a little embarrassed that he'd "ruined" your date by running out of the movie (dragging you out with him). For some strange reason you found yourself wanting to cheer him up. You smiled and bumped your shoulder into his arm, holding up the half empty bag of popcorn to him. He took a few pieces out, tossing them
:iconthedragonblackheart:TheDragonBlackheart 108 17
Gaara x Reader Oneshot: When You Can't Sleep
                        Jolting upright in your bed a piercing scream bursted past your lips. You were panting heavily and you were drenched in sweat. You tried to calm down by wrapping your arms around yourself but you were shaking too much. The hand that touched your back made you violently flinch away, almost making you fall from the bed.
                       "(Name)," The deep comforting tone of his voice helped calm you enough to let him come closer.
                       "I, I'm sorry I keep waking you like t-this." You apologized, your voice shaking slightly. Gaara shifted closer to you as he sat up. He wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you close. Although he hadn't been that comfortable with initiating physical contact with you when you first started dating, he became a lot more at ease w
:iconthedragonblackheart:TheDragonBlackheart 392 21
Amaimon x Reader Part 3: Impatient
                     “Why do you have to go?” Amaimon asked. He was sitting cross legged on your bed, a lollipop stick poking out between his lips.
                    “I’ve already skipped three days of classes in a row Amaimon,” You answered as you tied your hair up into a messy bun, “Brother will be upset if I skip another.”
                    He knew you had a point. But that didn’t stop him from not wanting you to go. The way he saw it, he’d just gotten you back, and sharing you with others wasn’t in his plans at all. Amaimon also didn’t like that you’d be leaving his side in favor of spending your time with humans, and your half siblings. Even though he knew you’d only be gone for a handful of hours, as he watched you get really for class, jealousy b
:iconthedragonblackheart:TheDragonBlackheart 102 8
Yukio x Reader: Senpai Noticed Me
                        "Mr. Okumura," You said walking up to his desk after he dismissed class.  He looked up at you with those intriguing teal eyes of his, the expression on his face placid.
                       "Yes Persephone?" He asked as he stood up from his desk, tossing a semi-large satchel around his torso. "Is there something I can help you with?"
                     "I was wondering if there was any school work that you wanted me to be caught up on," You said, crossing your arms behind your back, "Im determined to do well in your class."
                     His eyes met yours again, then glanced towards the floor as he pushed his glasses up the curve of his nose.
:iconthedragonblackheart:TheDragonBlackheart 144 16
Finn x Reader Part 4: She's Different
                        (~~~~~Finns P.O.V.~~~~~)
                       Its been three days, THREE DAYS, since The princess stabbed (name). I haven't left the Candy Kingdom once, even though Jake keeps trying to convince me to. I can barely even find the will to move more than a hallways length away from Bubblegums lab. I haven't seen (name) or Bubblegum since that night. Neither of them had come out. Gripping my knees harder to my chest I bit my lip, tears running down my face again for the millionth time. Her eyes, they went dead, it was like she was already gone.
                        "Please don't leave me yet. Please Glob just give her back," I prayed, my forehead resting on my knees as my body shook, "Please... I need her."
:iconthedragonblackheart:TheDragonBlackheart 197 34


NONAIMON PLZ READ!!! by NeriorTM NONAIMON PLZ READ!!! :iconneriortm:NeriorTM 38 0
Mature content
Benefits [AU! Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez x Reader 2/2] :iconmz-hyde:Mz-Hyde 18 3
Pg68  I Never Said You Had to be Perfect by Hootsweets Pg68 I Never Said You Had to be Perfect :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 4,165 743 Pg66 I Never Said You Had to be Perfect by Hootsweets Pg66 I Never Said You Had to be Perfect :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 5,350 834 Pg64 I Never Said You Had to be Perfect by Hootsweets Pg64 I Never Said You Had to be Perfect :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 4,024 449
Laxus x Reader [RQ]
Laxus x Reader [RQ] - Fairy Tail Oneshot
It was an ordinary day within the Fairy Tail guild, the members were rambunctious and on guard like usual. The odd fight would occasionally break out due to a small argument and the rate they escalate would be described as nothing else but record-breaking. There was, however, a strange sensation in the air, one of an unnerving nature. In the back of everyone’s minds was a niggling piece of information that had everybody on edge. Well, everybody except one.
“When is he going to get back?! I want to fight Laxus!” Screamed Natsu at the top of his lungs, arms out to his sides, legs squatted and a small fire escaping his mouth. He then proceeded to punch a bench into pieces as it came flying towards his head.
The fight had started to die down but Natsu’s excitement appeared to be uncontainable. His hot-blooded nature seemed to put all of the members nerves at ease while they were waiting for a certain Fairy Tail team to come b
:iconlayarlia:Layarlia 166 7
Pg62 I Never Said You Had to be Perfect by Hootsweets Pg62 I Never Said You Had to be Perfect :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 3,760 415 Pg61 I Never Said You Had to be Perfect by Hootsweets Pg61 I Never Said You Had to be Perfect :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 4,359 513
Ayato Kirishima x Reader |Sugary Text Messages|
They were everywhere. Mushy, passionate couples, doing a variety of things with one another. You wouldn't say you were jealous, even if you were. At this point, it was a bit irritating to be walking around and seeing people constantly fawn over one another. 'At least they're enjoying themselves,' you thought. Perhaps that sounded a tad too bitter.
It was partially your fault for getting yourself into a relationship with your counterpart with constantly off killing humans. More than partially in all honesty. You came to understand that Ayato couldn't always be at your beck and call, and that was fine with you. You just wished that he'd put more effort into your relationship.
Even if it was just appreciating something you thought was pretty nice, in this case, Valentine's day. He had an unnatural hatred towards this day, spewing curses when he realized it was coming near. He said that it validated the stupidity of humans for making such an unnecessary holiday.
But for now, you'd
:iconattackonfanfiction:Attackonfanfiction 562 108
Unfair {Ayato Kirishima x Reader}
That was his name, right? It seemed like centuries ago when he was a cute, innocent looking boy that was afraid of worms. 'But what was he right now?' you would ask yourself, clearly knowing the answer. 'A cold blooded murderer, that's what.'
You could still remember the pain he had inflicted on you when he found you alone in a dark alley. How he taunted you with extremely personal insults. How he tied you up, slashed at you, and left you there to bleed.
That name was like a drug to you. You couldn't help but think of him all the time, but at the same time, you knew that every time you whispered that name aloud, you could practically feel your chest trying to tear itself open.
As you walk down the alley, corpse-colored lights flickered on and off, barely illuminating the foggy atmosphere. Normally, this place was human and ghoul free, but today there was a trail of blood leading further into the middle of the alley. You, always being the cu
:iconmeccautopia:MeccaUtopia 89 7
Pg59 I Never Said You Had to be Perfect by Hootsweets Pg59 I Never Said You Had to be Perfect :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 5,170 688
Edward x Tall! Reader -Call Me Short One More Time

I've always had the unfortune of being tall. Hey I'm not going to complain too much about it, for it does have its perks.
For example, I can reach objects on higher levels, and I can pick on my friend Edward.
He's such a tiny fellow, but that's what makes him so cute! His anger about his height makes teasing him so much fun. But even with all those perks, being tall is a negativity.
All the males are shorter than me, so when I date one of them, it isn't one of those classic romantic, guy leans over to kiss the girl type of thing.
It's more like, we are both the same height, so all we do is lean across, or in worse case scenarios, I lean down to meet them. Sighing, I shake my head of the thought.
Continuing down the halls of the base, I close my eyes and hum a little tune quietly to myself. Stuck in my own little world, I didn't notice the person walking down the halls in front of me.
Walking straight into a body, my victim and I fall over with a lou
:iconkittyphantomhive14:KittyPhantomhive14 167 42
Sweet Revenge {Ayato Kirishima x Reader}
It was snowing outside. The kids on the street were having a snowball fight. 
'More like trying to kill each other with ice,' You thought with amusement as you saw some kid dumping snow into another kid's jacket.
It had been months since you first joined Aogiri. Attacking the CCG, killing little lovey-doveys(I meant just doves). Yep, it was all so, so fun.
But there was him. HIM. Ayato Kirishima. Executive at Aogiri.
'That motherfucking bitch,' You thought everytime you sensed his angry presence, 'He didn't deserve the rank as Executive.'
But worst of all, you hated him strolling along casually like he didn't have any fucks to give with a smug face. You just wanted to beat the shit out of him.
As you ambled down the streets of Tokyo, you saw Ayato sitting on a bench, snoring ever so peacefully.
'Time for some motherfucking revenge,' You thought gleefully, 'here we go!'
You grabbed a fistful of s
:iconmeccautopia:MeccaUtopia 132 8
Naki x reader [2]
Naki x reader
warning language- cursing/swearing
Thursday, 10am
"fuck. fuck. fuck"
Naki is woken by profanities. Looking over the couches edge he sees you running back and forth. Even in circles a few times. It was amusing to watch. Though you did look highly distressed he couldn't help himself.
"cute" he mumbles to himself. You stopped your dashing to stare at him. 
"Good morning Naki. Did I wake you?" you ask coming over to him. You smile to him and lean down to look him in the eyes.
"No" he lied "I barely heard you." more lies. He pulls himself all the way up. Sitting straight up on the couch he looks around, while you go off distressed again. You lived in a well kept home. It wasn't to extravagant, though it was not at all poor. Standing up he fixes his hair, pulling it back to its original form. Since his sleep has made it messy. He watches you squirm about the apartment. He then yawned rather loudly, making you turn to him. You looked rather annoyed... with him? He fe
:iconjinx4souls:jinx4souls 57 7
Naki x reader [1]
Naki x reader
language warning- cursing/swearing
Wednesday, 9pm
Naki runs haphazardly on the streets, pedestrians avoiding him. No one takes notice of the CCG members running behind him. They can't piece in together he was a ghoul. Most would just see him as a young man running from debt collectors. Though for Naki and the investigators it takes a turn when he enters a 10 story apartment building. He could easily have killed the two before but, they shot him with q-bullet in the shoulder from where his kagune came from. He was almost defenseless. Big bro wouldn't want him to make a scene.
Running up the many stairs of the building he makes an accidental turn in one of the halls. Though luckily for him they didn't see him turn into the corner close buy. He was safe, though now he was hungry. Looking down the lengthy hall he can see a door left ajar. Easy prey. (a/n -what is wrong with reader-chan)
Walking to the door he opens it further and creeps in. But as he take
:iconjinx4souls:jinx4souls 87 9



Thank you guys for the watches, I'm surprised I got past 100 actually (:
I'm sorry i haven't been posting, I finished part one to mephisto for my ao no exorcist x reader but sadly I don't have my nook with me(which has most of my writings) so I can't post it. I'm gonna get it back with in the next one or two weeks so hopefully I'll have some new stories and continues up soon. Thank you for the watches and nice/encouraging comments^_^


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