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Lunar Isolation Pg 94

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Whew, well this one took a lot longer than it should have.

Enter the REAL Cadence!

Lots of questions are gonna be answered in the next couple pages. 
Maybe Luna will finally find a way to save Equestria?

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Horizon-Glide's avatar
So Twilight will now be rocking Commander Tempest's look? I'm okay with that. :D
QSFluff's avatar
pinkie is on the ceiling of course
ZanarNaryon's avatar
The elements may be useful against purely magical threats, but armies? They would be incompetent, at best, unless that rainbow beam actually can do physical damage
carno231's avatar
Me: Mhm...
Cadence: You... You were there when my brother died...
Me: ... Your brothers death was... unexpected...
Cadence: Why is that.
Me: Your brothers death can be avoided, but death is irreversible... You have my condolences...
Cadence: Why didn't you help him?
Me: If I did, time will be set off course... Leading to disastrous effects...
Luna: he is right... I am truly sorry...
What is Luna apologizing for?

And I think it would be better if the Tumblr had more than one post per page (I don't know if it's like this for all themes, but the maximum for the one I use is 15) and if the link for the Patreon was at the top with the other buttons that are up there instead of grouped in with a bunch of text at the bottom. Most of the people who read things from Tumblr blogs are casual users and wouldn't go down there and read all that stuff. When you're marketing yourself on the internet, you basically have to design your site like the impulse buys at a grocery store. It also might help if at the bottom of posts, there was an unintrusive, 1-word link to your Patreon that just said "Patreon".
DeathofInk's avatar
I just realised Pinkie is on the ceiling. 😆

Even in dark scenarios she's defying reality.
Oh Cadence....I'm so sorry....
Sammymanny's avatar
The plot thickens further. O.O
Graeystone's avatar
I figure an Alicorn would be hard to kill.
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Holy shit, that eight panel is horrifying
It's been a while since the last update, I hope you're alright! Take your time with your work if you're not feeling alright, I look forward to the next installment. :3
rinalin321's avatar
they need to recruit me into this mess see i dont use magic <spins up mini's> airships BAH more like floating ducks
Mikkillerib's avatar
Sheesh. Cadence looks completely busted right now.
SalmonRagnar's avatar
No next page, it's been one full week, what are you doing draco :( ? Why make us suffering the wait so much ?
Animatorsnake's avatar
So basically, Twilight attempted to use the elements without knowing about the anti-unicorn machine, which caused her unicorn part to go bonkers, with Celestia knowing about this incident happening... but there is one question still left unanswered... Where are the Mane 6 and what has happened to them?
What of the other bearers, though? Would the Elements change form if any of their bearers died, or only if Magic died?

In either case, it seems important to find where they're hiding out. I think we can safely assume that the Judeccans would not suffer Twilight to live if she had been captured, so her friends must have gotten her out of the city. Hopefully Luna knows some healing magic to speed Twilight's recovery if the groups can unite.
samykhadre's avatar
Is Cadence Pregnant ? Please for hoping for a little part of SA still alive. 
ChaoticNote's avatar
Damn it's so hard to wait for each page.
DukeyDukeyDoo's avatar
But what about the rest of the Mane six?
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dark times ahead of us. :( stay strong cadence don't fall.
ZanarNaryon's avatar
The first victims of war... 
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