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Lunar Isolation Pg 89



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I've decided to post the next three pages over the next three days.
One today, one tomorrow, and the last on Sunday. 

I really wanted to play around with lighting effects in this scene.
There's something enchanting about lightning and I'd like to learn how to properly use it.

The Doctor awakes with a start in the dead of the night.
His heart and mind torn two ways.

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Me: I feel bad for you...
Eschar: !?!
Me: heh... Don't worry, time has stopped in my command...
Eschar: Who are you!
Me: That is in a need to know bases... 
Eschar: What do you mean? And why do you feel bad about myself?
Me: Yo have to destroy this land of "Heretics" and in three weeks time. People. Will. Die...
Eschar: ...
Me: Heh, See you next time... Is'cha'har...
Eschar: ...