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Lunar Isolation Pg 85

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I really wanted to use the funny titles and references suggested by you all, but in the end I decided otherwise. Instead I'll use these books to provide an insight into what might be on Eschar's inquisitive mind.
What is he thinking about? What does he want to know?

Special thanks to Jet Set and Upper Crust for continuing to be the ultimate assholes of Canterlot.

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Pierson is so fuzzy! x3 I love it.
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There's a plz named "Burn the heretic"?
TheDracoJayProduct's avatar
I wish :')

There's really only a heresy stamp.
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While probably not what you're going for, gay ships are always the cutest in my mind.
Kenik13's avatar
Adamant disagree.
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GolliatTaillog's avatar
He better have a GOOD motive to do what he's gonna do in 5 months.
AranyaP's avatar
So far it seems the Motive was "My Prophet said that God told us to do this."
GolliatTaillog's avatar
Well, oblviously.

What I really hope is all the "brain clockwork" sustaining such loyalty to his Prophet is super-founded.
He has the intelligent man resources.
AranyaP's avatar
I'm afraid the whole Brain Clockwork thing might not be enough of an explanation.

See, to build such a device, to keep on doing so for who knows how many days while living like a living pony to avoid detection, that's not something simple clockwork should be able to do, magic or not. There's free will in it.

Free will that was shown when he told his friend to find their family and flee.

No, this pony was given instructions and resources.

He knew what's coming, he had time to change, to warn the others to avoid such bloodshed, but he finished the device, activates it and killed at the very least, Thousands including Children, elderly and whoever happens to be unfortunate enough to die in an inhumane, agonizing death that day.

And why does he do it?

For his god.

Jud truly is great, isn't he? I hope whatever's been promised to him is worth it. Because the blood of screaming mothers, daughters, sons and the cries of broken families are on his hooves now.

Even in death, he will not be forgiven.
GolliatTaillog's avatar
>I hope whatever's been promised to him is worth it

This. That is a paraphrase of my first comment.

That's what I meant. :D
Precychou's avatar
"Survey of the Nature of Chaos" This guy it's totally normal x'D
Siarnaq21's avatar
Reminds me of the scene in Men In Black where J doesn't shoot any of the alien targets, and just shoots the cardboard cutout of a little girl holding a quantum physics textbook.
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
hey, it was totally obvious that she wasnt who she wanted others to think she was.
Worldgoesround4all's avatar
well maybe YOU should watch where YOU'RE going, you're the ones with your eyes closed >:T
TinjaBuster's avatar
>when u noscope urself,no wait wrong page
Bleyk36's avatar
Buck!!! meet the husband's wife, a member of a royal guard next to the mastermind of the fall of canterlot.
Graeystone's avatar
Since Chaos=Evil in the Pony world, that book should be a big tipoff.
Jet Set and Upper Crust. . .hrm. . .just solved a minor issue with my comic.
Thanks Draco!
AranyaP's avatar
I assume it would be about as tip-offing as someone who's holding Mein Kampf. 
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