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EDIT: I made a few dialogue changes to improve clarity.
Note on Judeccan Speech:
The Judeccans do not speak the same language as the Equestrians (English). How could they?
Their cultures developed entirely independently from one another. My original plan was to write out the phonetic sound of Judeccan speech, however I do not want to abandon the audience's ability to understand what the Judeccans are saying. And I'd rather not place subtitles under every Judeccan speech bubble.
So here's how I'm thinking it's going to work:
See that strangely jagged font that the characters on this page are speaking in? Let that suggest that they are speaking Judeccan. While the other font that has been used throughout this comic will continue to represent English dialogue.
Now, I will only use this method when  the Judeccans are alone. If a Judeccan speaks in the presence of an Equestrian, then we will hear what their language sounds like to a foreigner.
After all, language barriers have always been an unfortunate source of conflict.

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Alright, we get to see the villains point of view