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Lunar Isolation Pg 66



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Edits for clarity:
There is no purple aura around Chrysalis' eye glow. So no Sombra/Dark Magic.
Chrysalis is much larger than she was when she was last seen and Luna has taken discomforting notice of this.

Ugh I'm in love with Chrysalis.
This is going to be a fun chapter.
Minor changes to the way that pages look; 
I ditched the dark-Luna-blue page backdrop and replaced it with black. Hopefully that'll make for smoother transitions between panels.
Also inserted a little Jud symbol and a short quote. Not sure how frequently I'll add them, but they'll start appearing from time to time.
Chrysalis' Text color has been changed, the original color felt too close to Luna's speech bubbles.
And... That's about it. 

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Spitfire, Luna, and Chrsyibitch are Hasbro's babies
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Chrysalis is awesome

But what secrets did Celestia keep from Luna