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I'm in love with French Maid Caroline <3
The experience of being forgotten, abandoned, and replaced is an incredibly painful one.
Remember that. It's important.

What a way to end a chapter! :D So now that we have an understanding of the relationship between Spitfire and Pierson, I think that we can appropriately move forward with the main storyline!
The next page will be the first of Chapter 3. Get ready to be thrown back into the chaos of an angry Changeling swarm. Let's find out what Chrysalis' motives are.

I also apologize for update delays. I've been pretty overwhelmed lately, but I'm working on getting my schedule under control. Thank you all for your patience and understanding :iconbowplz:

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Spitfire is Hasbro's baby.
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Friend-zoned for life!
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Horizon-GlideHobbyist Traditional Artist
Even if you've moved on, the experience of being replaced so thoroughly that someone never even mentions you is incredibly painful. Poor Spitfire, that's really rough.
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I know how spitfire feels because this chapter from beginning to end of chapter reminds me of my relationship with my friend. Me and her know each other from school we became friends in the beginning but while growing up we became close and then started a relationship.

After high school we went our separate ways and have not seen her for 4 years. But one day we bump into each other and started to have a conversation to catch up for old times. Long story short she told me she getting married and I was happy for her but at the same time that broke my heart because I still have feelings for her.

So Spitfire I know how you feel because I am the same way and this chapter reminds me of my relationship with her...

Anyways awesome chapter I love it 
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TheDracoJayProductProfessional Digital Artist
I've had similar experiences in the past. Glad this chapter resonated with some other people too.
Glad you enjoyed it ^^
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Yeah it is... i like it... keep up the good work

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jolliapplegirlHobbyist Digital Artist
Awkward convo...

Caroline: [Talking but all that is heard by both companions is 'wa wa.']
Spitfire: ...
Pierson: ...
Shining Armor: Hey, Pierson, get over here.
Pierson: Oh, thank celestia! Yes, sir, what ever you want, sir.
Caroline: But honey, what about Spitfir-
Pierson: No! Work and uh... and bye!
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ZanarNaryonHobbyist General Artist
Caroline can go to hell, I ship Spitfire and Pierson

Okay, overreaction, but you get the point
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don't you dare say that to caroline she is  a sweet kind mother who doesn't know pierson past that to much
p.s if she knew she would not be dating with pierson right now
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DezzyD19Hobbyist Digital Artist
BEST STORE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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duop-qoubHobbyist Digital Artist
Ouch, that hurts. This chapter is feels.
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TheShadowscaleHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm gonna set this down now, or I'm going to burn through it all in one night XD. But seriously, I know this page is old but if you see this, I think this comic is fantastically written, paced and presented. I want to read more right now, but I need to savor it! I also need to sleep <.<
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TheDracoJayProductProfessional Digital Artist
I did read this! : D Thank you so much!  I'm so glad that you're enjoying my story so far ^^~
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sob sob... I lived that... i it the worst shit I ever experienced :´(
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Well that is very sad man.
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No offence Spitfire, but you only have yourself to blame for how this ended. Trying to push somepony to take the same career path as you is not the way to form a healthy relationship.

Pierson made the right decision to move on with somepony who will respect his choices.
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I know exactly how Spitfire feels. Great comic so far! I'm lovin it!! xD
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midnightrose3000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Broken Heart 
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That moment when your chidhood crush had an other as his/her childhood crush.
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ZanarNaryonHobbyist General Artist
Dammit, Draco, my Crystal heart can't take anymore
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TheDracoJayProductProfessional Digital Artist
I will shatter your crystals.
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ZanarNaryonHobbyist General Artist
my reaction is somewhere between "I don't know what to feel", and "Fuck caroline, I want SpitfirexPierson"
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ABronyAnonymousHobbyist General Artist
And that's life. Trust me. I just watched my oldest friend get married earlier this month and we used to date. It's a strange mix of feelings to process.
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TheDracoJayProductProfessional Digital Artist
It really is. I've had the same basic experience.
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I really lik them together, Spitfire and Silverstone. Well Caroline is cute too, but I feel bad for her.
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