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Lunar Isolation Pg 50

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:iconqueenchrysalisplz: "So you saw right through me did you?"
:iconlunachallengeplz: "Mhmm."
:iconqueenchrysalisplz: "Damn.. I thought that my impersonation was flawless this time.. What gave me away?
:iconlunachallengeplz: "It was the hug."
:iconsadchrysalisplz: "The hug?"
:iconlunakiddingmeplz: "The hug."

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Princess Luna, Spitfire, and Queen Chrysalis are Hasbro's babies.
Willow and Pierson are my babies.
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Pierson's snout just gets squarer with every page. xD
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Willow: "Your highness, look." (points at a table)
Luna: "Star? What are you doing here?"
Star: "Hi, princess. I come here every year."
Spitfire: "Why?"
Star: "Keep this place in shape. I helped building it, after all. Anyway, Luna, could you raise the moon, please?"
Spitfire: "This place has been abandoned centuries ago. And what do you want the moon for?"
Star: (creepy giggles)
Luna: "Alright everyone, close your eyes and ears, and don´t open them until I say so."
Willow: "Say what now?"
Luna: "Do as I say!" (lowers the sun and raises the moon)

Star is a little filly, and one of my OCs. She has a bigger role in my fanfic My Little Creeps From The Deeps, so if you want to know more about her, be my guest. :)
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You're a bucking idiot, Cryssy. They're gonna hunt you down to the changeling, and I will laugh.

Armbine's avatar
*grabs my machinegun and kills all the changles to hell*
carno231's avatar
Me: !?!
Pierson: Chrysalis!?!
Me: !?!
Pierson: Don't you know this?
Me: !?!
Spitfire: Do your thing "God of Darkness"
Me: I'm more of a "God of Darkness in Confusion" Right now...
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Somehow i saw this coming 
Saddust's avatar
Not only this comic is really awesome and original but it is long and finished !
TheDracoJayProduct's avatar
Not finished yet m8 : P
Saddust's avatar
Yes, I realized afterward... Fine !
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plus we last saw this element in Celestia's possession at the fall of Canterlot.

Also her lines last page seemed to imply that, well, Cadence had been replaced for a while.
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"Screw you, Chryssy, you ain't nooothin'."
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:iconlunakiddingmeplz: "Hugs are not magic."
:iconqueenchrysalis: "Screw you, I like hugs."

:iconchrysalisawesomeplz:->:iconflufflepuffplz: *hugs*
Fluffle and Chrissy is best ship
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What i have seen so far was a huge relief and btw YAY! Queen Chrysalis is back yay :D.
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Awwww shiznit
aldodger's avatar
I never thought I would see a beefy Chrysalis. Everyone always draws her skinny simply because she has holes in her legs. Brownie points to you!
TheDracoJayProduct's avatar
My thought process is that she may have holes but she still needs to be able to stand.
Thanks for the brownies :la:
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