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Lunar Isolation Pg 37

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I'm going on an adventure! (stamp) by I-AM-TIMLORD Welcome to LIE; where adventures happen. [Insert pleasant roadtrip music]

Well Spitfire? Willow said a word. You gonna smack her? :iconthefonzplz: Happy New Year 2015 by TheDracoJayProduct

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Princess Luna and Spitfire are Hasbro's babies.
Pierson and Willow are my babies.
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Kartoffelkamm's avatar
Willow: "Ship!"
???: "Wrong. Airship."
Luna: "You again?"
Pierson: "Hit the trees!!!"
Everyone: (hiding under the trees)
Luna: "Wait, where´s that griffon?"
Spitfire: "Who cares? He´s too big to fly with us anyway."
???: "I have you know that you are mistaken."
Spitfire: "Where´d you come from?"
???: "From above."
Pierson: "Weren´t you going back to the Everfree Forest? What are you doing here?"
???: "They have recieved a warning, and noone would be crazy enough not to heed it a fifth time."
Luna: "So?"
???: "I need to acquire tools to make repairs on my home. If you need anything done, ask."
Luna: "Take them out, all of them, and you will be paid accordingly."
???: (slowly sneaks into the undergrowth and disappears)
Spitfire: "You really think this is a good idea, your highness?"
Luna: "He seems capable enough."
Pierson: "Errr..." (points at airship as it is sinking and going up in flames)
carno231's avatar
Me: Oh dear... Take cover!
Spitfire: Oh my god...
I now love Willow
Again Willow: Same
MikkelNPetersen's avatar
Willow; "Are we there yet?"
FlutterCZ's avatar
Is Willow going to get all of them killed?
speedox12's avatar
Hahaha, I love this.
PsychoYellowDragon's avatar
Annoying Orange reference! XD
Graeystone's avatar
Spitfire needs to be introduced to duct tape on one of its 1000 uses concerning the mouth!
aldodger's avatar
You know what this page reminds me of? The Annoying Orange.
but Willow is way better ^_^
TheDracoJayProduct's avatar
El-Jorro's avatar
Heed the words of fools. 
alwilliams0605's avatar
man i need to pay more attention to what the ponies look like i was under the impression that Willow was a guy im so stupid haha lol
There should be a specific protocol for this. No "Hey, Spitfire." No arguing. Just "Ship!" and everypony dives.
EldritchLJThurston's avatar
See, Told You can't shut her up ;) And right now, not the best time either :XD:
deman1821's avatar
"Hit the trees"... not the best advise to give in a high pressure situation. A simple "Get down" would have caused a lot less splinters.
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
currently im working on a joke involving the term "hit on the trees", Fluttershy and the cloning pool :)
but i cant figure anything out...
EldritchLJThurston's avatar
It's a figure of speech!!!!!!! :XD:
deman1821's avatar
not one I've heard before
EldritchLJThurston's avatar
That's fine, cuz there is plenty I haven't heard off :XD:
hystericaldominolego's avatar
Spitfire, why are you so abusive of Willow?
She's so adorable!
aldodger's avatar
Spitfire doesn't like loud ponies. They compete with her ego
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
God, I don't understand why they let the annoying grey over-grown filly in the forces. The more I think about it, the less I understand.
She can't even respect such a simple order as absolute silence.
TheDracoJayProduct's avatar
This is actually something I should have addressed when Willow first appeared. ^^;

Willow is not part of any military force. She is not a wonderbolt. She is not a guard.
She's just a random pegasus who escaped from Canterlot along with Luna's group of "refugees".
Spitfire needed multiple pegasi to "scout" around. Willow was one of the few fast fliers to volunteer for the job.

Should have cleared that up earlier. =)
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