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--->>> Want more Lunar Isolation? Help keep the comic going with as little as $2 a month on Patreon!<<<---
THANK YOU so much to the patrons who made this page possible!! 
Aedificatoris, Mango7889, Matt Tanner, and Way2Savage4You!
Borg Lord, Khoa Nguyen, Shuryt, xorly, Nicolas Candeago, Noah Troutman, Karazu, jayk180, daniabiro, Tehflah, Caldercloud, Clouds Cutter, Jesper Krag, Rushanbo, Andy Birmingham, Striker1959, shivalwolf, Ebon Sky, Longhaul, travis lorita, Matthew Smith, Robin Lee Forrey, Jr, Hippie Dingbat, Guy Laroche, King Eraser Rainbows, Matt Mitchell, Gerczech, Snoopy Stallion, Wireball MacCarter, LegendofMoriad, Clynce Carrillo, Justin Kaufman, Settop, DavinciWolf, kallenin, SmileyV, Aku, Michael Schott, Jerry Bisaillon, Bernard Doove, Mr1Penguin, ZoneSystem, Drakenhof, Quanta, Kyle, Kelanich Santovedis, and Fundz64!!
(Needs updating) Thank you everyone <333

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What a hectic season <_< 10 more pages are currently making their way through the production line. Look forward to more of those in the coming month.
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays everyone. Have a wonderful evening <3

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