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Lunar Isolation Pg 142

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It's 9:50 pm for me when I post this so technically it's still the weekend !! ;;;)))

Character color flats by imnobodyyouknow6
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Wings are not a part of the Judeccan plan. Wings are a tool of the anti-Jud, and must be accordingly excised.
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and to punish the earth ponies...they leave them as is...
Sturmlion1's avatar
I think I see what this is doing. The Unicorns had there magic cut off in Canterlot, the Pegasi here are wingless. There putting the pony's under there heel all on the same level.
Theheroneeded's avatar
Kind of like starlight equality cult except more ... extreme 
Sturmlion1's avatar
Far more extreme and with a overlay of mind control I think. They want a army that they control completely.
GwDuncan's avatar
Damn, cutting of the wings of a pegasus, that is brutal
templar127's avatar
Oh damn! This is striaght up messed up!
Fundz64's avatar
damn, and here I thought my patreon subscription would get me exclusive access to lewd booty shots of Luna :roll:
E-man300's avatar
uhh...what the hay!? talk about a plot twist..
aedificatoris's avatar
"[Sam] wondered what the man's name was and where he came from; and if he was really evil of heart, or what lies or threats had led him on the long march from his home; and if he would not really rather have stayed there in peace." -J.R.R Tolkien.  The Two Towers.

I am glad, in a way, that this is what Luna saw...Hopefully it will give her strength to fight the Nightmare.
Miejinkaku's avatar
I'm no pony fan, I do not like ponies, but the histories, the art that "bronys" create, is amazing, please keep ot up!
TheDracoJayProduct's avatar
Friend, I haven't seriously watched an episode of MLP since like 2015. I feel you.

I also greatly appreciate you saying this ^^ Thanks !
Never really watched the show either. Rather, it's the community that interests me. And the stuff they create. Like yours and Metal Kitty for example.
Miejinkaku's avatar
You probably saw more of the show than me tho.

Don't worry, it's my pleasure.
TheEdamame's avatar
The show lost it's charm before the Season 5 finale.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Luna... think! There is no need for this! Have mercy!
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Her? I could have sworn it is a stallion.
THIS!  NMM. its just plain Awesome a living nightmare and the pure embodimemt of darkness  the void made flesh destined to rip off the light of all the living.

still the best chance of survival of equestria, however if she wins equestria still lose 
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Is NMM wins and can't be reasoned with by Luna... then the cure might indeed be as bad as the sickness. :-S
Charlesdeleroy's avatar
Sorry, but I'm just not interested in this.  I stuck it out as long as I could, but relentless misery and morbidity was not what interested me in Pony.  I could watch any number of 'Crapsack World' anime for more gory, savage, twisted death and mayhem if I chose. 
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