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Lunar Isolation Pg 111

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Edited some dialogue to make it flow better with the next couple pages.

Unfortunately the next page won't be ready by tomorrow. A lot of stuff came up this week ^^;
But the next page should be ready before next Friday.

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Rosinfilledpecncil's avatar
Oh my goodness this comic series is amazing! Can't wait to see what's next! 8-D
QwixLochflow's avatar




It continues...
Sammymanny's avatar
That door=Bad things.

Mikkillerib's avatar
Pretty much. But im crossing my fingers in hope of it just being the juice bottles that has shattered.
Sammymanny's avatar
the suspense tho...
darthrivan's avatar
Does he feel responsible because he didn't stop Eschar when he had the chance? No one knew what he was up to, not until it was too late. Though there's always that what if.
And just how do you think you would have done that? I don't know how many Judeccans did this, but I doubt they sent the exact right number so that one more Equestrian guard would have turned the tide of battle. They may well have sent more soldiers than there were ponies hiding here, foals included. You can't stop that. You would have needed significant luck to even buy enough time with your death for a few ponies to escape.

Really, though, I'm more interested in this trail of ashes. Or possibly a trail of something dark but not fire-related.
GeneralDurandal's avatar
Well, he is the Air Marshal of the Solar branch of the Knights of Harmony's Air Force,
so i'd have to agree with him.
If not with his skill in battle, then with leadership on the field of battle.
Nikary's avatar
Stay with Pierson, Spitfire. He really could use a friend right about now.
BronrickYalanjar's avatar
Reginald and Caroline pop out and yell ''ITS JUST A PRANK BRO''!
Graeystone's avatar
What the buck is with some of these Pony's and their inability to follow orders?
12LunaWolf's avatar
Special Forces, I think.  They have a shocking ability to replace the term "insubordination" with "initiative". 
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
But then, the difference between insubordination and initiative is sometimes more than a hassle to make.
I think it all depends on the intention of the SF member. Does (s)he "just" want to disobey the order in question for gratuitous reasons (in this case, that person has, in my opinion, nothing to do in the Special Forces. Or in any armed service.), or does (s)he do so because of a will and a reasonable hope of getting better results than with the proposed course of action?

What's your thought on that, please?
Graeystone's avatar
Seems to me Luna is trying to protect their mental state. Ponies have never faced something like this.
Mikkillerib's avatar
Hoo boy. The tension thickens.
templar127's avatar
This is just really dark. Then again, Pierson felt like he's nearly lost everything and the only thing he has left is his childhood friend who ironically has lost track of all those years :(

Also, DON'T GO IN THERE, WOONA!!! :iconitsatrapplz:

P.S. Small typo. Double period on Pierson saying "please" :D
Rundas's avatar
Well i think he fears that he would lose her too.
templar127's avatar
That's tragic :(
Rundas's avatar
I have a question. When does this story actually play?
After Season 3 i suppose? Because we saw Chrysalis, we see Discord on the Cover and we saw SA was back in Canterlot (after Sombras Return).
Did that mean that it play all before Season 4? Is there any Chance that Tirek is roaming around?
Rundas's avatar
Then i hope Dracojay catch up with S4,S5 and the firstt half of S6 already, many to miss out.

But well that made clear when the Story plays. But as much i appreciate the link, it only anwers one of my questions. Even when the elements are unaffected and the tree of harmony doesn't exist in this alternative universe, its doesn't anwer the question about Tirek.
Tirek escapes in It's About Time. Or is he still imprisioned in Tartarus here?
SolarFlare-Kage's avatar
I have a feeling I know what's going on.

My Theory: the trail Luna's following is the remnants of an arson. It looks a lot like something that was burned into the ground. It's leading up to a door that could possibly hold the charred remains of ponies which could *possibly* be Pierson's family. The problem with that theory is that if they were barred in, there seems to be no evidence of the door being blocked. The counter to that argument, however, is that the ponies inside were trying to barricade the Jud out. Unable to get in, they burned underneath the door to roast the others inside. 

But hey. That's just a theory. A COMIC THEORY.
Seeraphine's avatar
frigfrigfrigfrigfrig whats in that room 8(
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