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I will provide no explanation for this.
Nevermind, I have a symbolism fetish. I see this as a representation of Equestria and Judecca "in their purist form." 

Equestria is beautiful, well groomed, and filled with abundant joy and love. She wears golden clothes to accentuate her wealthy class and lifestyle.
Light fur implies purity and innocence. Her wide eyes and smile are warm and welcoming.

Judecca is much more rugged and unkempt. But it is still curious and yearns to see more of the world beyond its walls. He wears glasses that once belonged to his father.
Judecca looks to its past to help understand its future. Judecca is taken by Equestria's beauty.

In a perfect world.

The two would have gotten along.

Thank you all for being so patient with me and my chaotic schedule <3
Two Pages this weekend! Get hyped.
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