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A slightly modified version of my final project for my comic scripting class last semester. This is a sort of mock "pitch-packet" thing that presents some ideas for a story that I might push to create one day. No promises though, it's just an idea. But a more original idea than LIE which is cool.

The comic pages at the very end are VERY OLD. They were created like a solid two years ago.
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adrian98-12's avatar
Will you be publishing this comic book ?
sweetymimy22's avatar
what did kara do exactly 
Animatorsnake's avatar
Interesting premise for sure
poci20's avatar
I want to know more! I wish you will start working on this after LIE cause for me, this looks a lot more interesting.
aeshihowl's avatar
This is awesome :O Would definitely read!
Armonia-Justin's avatar
this looks amazing, would love to see it finished someday, would totally buy it if it was
1stLevelCleric's avatar
i'm really digging this. i'd love to see more.
marcuszer0's avatar
Yes. I want more. Where can I go to rea-- actually, don't answer that. Where can I sign t-- uh, bad choice of words. I'd sell my sou-- no again.

... Please post more.
WarsadlePony's avatar
I like the premise!
ToastyTop's avatar
I wanna read the rest, it looks good. 
mariusioannesp's avatar
This seems interesting. I see you seem to have mined the depths of angelology and demonology. Have you written some of these characters names in Hebrew?

Though honestly as a Catholic theologian, I have grown tired of seeing fictional works play fast and loose with the nature of demons and angels and stuff. 
ModofGPL's avatar
I would pay to read this!
Farming101's avatar
I'd read it! Looks like an AWESOME concept for a great grafic novel, or webcomic. Whatever you decide you want to do with it in the future.
StreamSecret's avatar
I really love this concept!
Hoples's avatar
pretty amazing and something I would totally buy (along with LIE)
itsjustmeg's avatar
I wanna read more of this.... so if you do make this an actual comic one day I would totally read it
king-master75023's avatar
Dude...this actually got me hook on this. I know its just an idea and I understand if you can't promise to make it, but hey this is still an interesting comic. I do like the two main characters you have as well along with the summary behind it.
Crusadier's avatar
Impressive work.
Nicely done
StrayFlame's avatar
holy crap, i would LOVE to see this project come to fruition some day!
dasekely's avatar
This is SO GOOD!!! I love it and need more.
sweetymimy22's avatar
will you do the season comic too in the far future
Brianna330's avatar
Dayum. Just... dayum.

I always love it when artists show their creativity. Good job! Clap 
Tomson96's avatar
I really hope you decide to to do something with that idea. I really like it ^^
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