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Glimpse of Judecca [1/5]



Judecca is an ancient and proud nation abundant in culture, diversity, and peace. The populace is made up of Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns just the same as Equestria and the three races live in perfect harmony and balance with one another. Never was there a point in their history where they were forced to choose violence over calm debate and discussion. The people do not bother to bicker or create conflict over meaningless things and each pony cares for the other as if they were family. Doors are left wide open, communities join together for every meal, and every creature trusts wholly and completely.

This perfect peace was only made possible by every Judeccan’s unwavering faith in the existence of a loving deity known as “Jud.” “Jud” has no physical form and no physical desires. It is simply the omnipotent and eternal force that holds the cosmos together. It is this “Jud” that the Judeccans attribute their entire existence to.

“Jud does not exist on this plane of reality or the next. 
Jud exists beyond our comprehension of existence. Yet at the same time, it exists in everything. 
Jud is in the grass you tread, the bread you eat, and the pillow on which you lay your head. 
It is in the crackle of the fire, the cries of a newborn child, and the sparkle of the stars.
It lives within your mind, your body, and your soul. 
Without Jud, the world would not be broken, it would not be chaos, it would not be empty. 
The universe simply would not be. 
How can a tree grow if there was never a seed planted in the earth?
How can a child be born if it’s parents never met one another?
How can a fish swim if there is no water?
So it is with Jud.”
-High Chief Shaman of Rahk Shahala

The Judeccan belief holds that Jud created the world in perfect balance and harmony. Everything that exists is as it should be and maintaining this peace is the duty of all creatures.
The symbol of Jud keeps to this belief and translates it into a simple geometric message. 
The four beams that project outwards represent the earth, sky, sea, and mountains (effectively the entire world). 
The three circles represent the three races of ponies; Earth, Magic, and Sky. Although the center circle is frequently portrayed as slightly larger than the other two, this is meant to symbolize the three races being stronger as one. (No particular circle represents a specific race. They are interchangeable.)
And finally the inverted triangle beneath it all represents the perfect bond that Jud creates between the above elements.

Every day the people of Judecca move about, socialize, do business, and worship under the watchful, loving protection of Jud.
They thank Jud for every delight they are blessed with and they pray for any hardship with the belief that Jud will save them from their ailments and restore balance. 
Millions of relics, temples, and shrines are strewn around Judecca and each is treated as importantly as the last. A simple household shrine is expected to be treated with as much respect as the grandest of temples.
The grandest of these temples is “Rahk Shahala” which is Judeccan for “Our Savior Comes” (pictured above).
“Rahk Shahala” stands as the largest single structure in all of Judecca and was built at the very center of the nation. It is from here that the three High Chief Shamans (one of each race) discern what is best for Judecca. They are sincerely fair and kind rulers who’s role is solely to maintain the perfect harmony of Jud.

There is a profound tradition practiced by the Judeccan people that occurs twice a day, every day; the worship 
gathering of the dawn and dusk. 
Each morning and each evening, the whole of Judecca ceases their activities and gathers at the nearest shrine or temple at the sound of echoing chants. From there the faithful worshipers thank Jud for the new day, the new night, and the peace that they have been blessed with. They chant and sing songs of Jud’s love and perfection. At the conclusion of each gathering, the Judeccans bless each other and continue on with their daily responsibilities.
For thousands of generations, the Judeccans existed in this perfect harmony and believed that nothing could ever disrupt it. Nothing could ever upset the balance that Jud had established for them.

Until the day that harmony ended and the Great Chaos Storm appeared. At first the cause was completely unknown.
But with time, terrifying stories of an ancient creature that wielded unsettling dark powers began to creep their way into the minds and homes of Judecca.
Equestria suffered the reign of Discord first hand. The rest of the world soon followed.

Judecca plummeted into Chaos and the people cried out to Jud to deliver them from this new, terrible threat.
But Jud did not answer their pleas.
Jud was silent.
And Judecca suffered alone.


There are five major events in Judeccan History that are relevant to Lunar Isolation. I hope that sharing these bits of information with you on the side will improve your reading experience and further immerse you in the world of LIE.

The periods of time I'd like to discuss are as follows;
1. Prospering Judecca (Pre-Discord)
2. The Black Famine and the Two Princes of Jud (Post-Discord)
3. A Heretic Prophet from the North (Pre-Nightmare Moon/King Sombra)
4. The First Cleanse (Post-Nightmare Moon/King Sombra)
5. Revelation (Near Present)
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Yet, the history of Judecca is in mist of forgotten and nobody can record this ancient history due the destruction.