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I think Gilda's on the road to being reformed too!

... That or Discord somehow conned her into helping out.
Yeah, let's go with that one

this was another case of a 'doodle turning into a finished picture', wooo~
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We'll do the conning around here, thanks.
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I love gilda, please draw more of her <3
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I like this because of the chicken
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Yes, it looks like Gilda XD
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Green sloth? Is that BB?
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Naw, Sloths are a greenish-tan in real life. They fur is full of moss and mold.
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Beast Boy from teen titans.
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Wow i wonder discords reaction on his first day of pet sitting,

and i i can see the chicken is warming up to GildaGildaNod 
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:iconmlptankplz::iconthinksplz:I love this guy.:iconthinksendplz:
:icondiscordderpplz:-What are YOU looking at Shell-back?
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I especially like how the ferret is eyeing the bird, while the bird looks at Gilda like "Huh, that's fascinating how angel is kicking you in the face. Let me just observe this."
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Is that Wart as a squirrel? Nice pic BTW.
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The sloth...THE SLOTH!!! Oh my goodness...
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dat sloth tho haaa
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All that cuteness and kindness! It's unbearable!
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Make it this happen in season 5. I'm sure fans wish the return of Gilda.

And in this context. Precious. Wonderful work
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Yay!  My two favorite characters! :D You are rapidly becoming my favorite artist.
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Interesting concept, ma'am!

Also, dat sloth. :'D
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this is pretty cute :D
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