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Party With One

By TheDoggyGal
We don't see enough of Gummy. <3
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i want this to happen in the show i don't care if it happens now or in a few episodes i just want it to happen :3
Pinkie Chibi Pie Dancing Pinkie pie (transformer pinkie) plz Pinkie Pie (Me why me) plz Pinkie pie (the Fourth Wall) plz Pinkie pie (Yep) plz Pinkie pie (special pancake) plz Pinkie pie (lick cream) plz Pinkie pie EqG (angry) plz Pinkie pie (wow) plz Pinkie pie (smile evil) plz Pinkie pie (i win) plz Pinkie pie (except it does!) plz Rainbow Dash,gilda and pinkie pie (hi) plz Pinkie Pie Failure Trombone icon Gilda,Rainbow dash and Pinkie pie (hug) plz Pinkie pie (laugh) plz Pinkie pie (don't smile and bad news) plz  ok thats enough pinkies.....for nowPinkie pie (The map!) plz 
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What's one way to cheer her up.
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Feeeeeeeeeeelsssss! T~T
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This is what should've happend
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pinkie doesn't have her cutie mark here Ohm... Ohm... 
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No words can express to you how much I wish this was cannon
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I love YOU more....
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How sweet of Gummy! :aww:
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awwwww gummy dats so cute <:'3
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awww!!! <:'D I wanna cry!!:happycry 
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I swear, I think my heart stopped for a few seconds from cuteness overload. Poor Pinkie.
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aww you know i thout gummy is mothing but hes just kind but not in the show
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Aww, how sweet of him.
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I'm afraid not, at least at this current time. My apologies, but I appreciate the interest! 
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Why is she upset?
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i don't know oh wait its becase pinke tryed to be her self
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And so that annoyed everyone else?
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