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My Little Housepets

Care-taking is Magic. <3
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bubbles46853's avatar
I love all the animals!!  Especially Winona!
BloodhoundPreston's avatar
They're so cute. And my favorite is Winona.
Legoboy186's avatar
Who's your favorite of these pets? Mine's Gummy.
CedarWoods's avatar
Cute picture, but why doesn't Gummy look like he's stoned? 
Silver-Zabrak's avatar
Too cute for words! 
TimGoneMad's avatar
Gummy actually looks happy for a change! Aloysius looks so floofy!
Amy-Rose-Fan123's avatar
There need to be more fan art of them all!
Soirema-pl's avatar
It is funny how their pets are their flaws or exact opposition, hmmm..
nice art though
TaroZero's avatar
So cute they are!
steffie's avatar
They look so cute. Love each one's expression too.
tmntgirl123765's avatar
awesome!! I love those animals!!
dagset8's avatar
anyone else want to see an episode focusing on just the pets. and no I don't mean like the pet sitter spike one.
Ally639's avatar
And now I'm imagining Owlicious sending letters to Philomena. Awesome!
nyanpheonix101's avatar
Hasbro should make more episodes about these guys, they are hilarious
meiyeezhu's avatar
Don't forget Boulder!
nightmoon123's avatar
Spike isn't Twilight Sparkle's housepet?
TheDoggyGal's avatar
Spike is Twilight's assistant, not pet! :)
nightmoon123's avatar
Is an asistent and a pet in the same time! ;) He is an animal not a pony.
DigidestinedofTrust's avatar
Ugh, he's recognized as a sentient being, part of a semi-advanced civilization. Spike himself has his own pet. A pet is someone to be taken care of, Spike can take care of himself and for the most part takes care of Twilight.
runarraw's avatar
".........oh! oh... ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh. hehe"
 speech to text re-enactment.
Timon64's avatar
Aww what about peewee? 
Great work either way! =D
TheDoggyGal's avatar
Hehe, I WANTED to initially include him, buuut since I centered this around pets of the main six, I didn't want to include him since he's Spikes pet. (Was REEEAALLY tempted, but ah! <XD)

Hehe, thank you so much! <3
Timon64's avatar
Ah got it and no prob, the pleasure's all mine. =)
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