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His Smarty Pants

Meh. :)
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AWwwwwww! :love:

That's my homie! So cute I love him!

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I would have one
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Want-it, Need-it spell.
Works 60% of the time, every time.
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hehe cute!

i really like spike! :meow:
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At first I thought you added a watermark, but now I see you didn't.

In other news, those are perfect lines.
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where?i dont get it...
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Scribbles in the background look like a watermark.
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oh.. i still dont get it lol
KlarkKentThe3rd's avatar
Why do kids these days add "lol" to everything? What does that even accomplish?
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laughing out loud. instead of writing *its so funny im rolling around on the floor laughing*, we write


oh my god rolling on floor laughing.

its cuz im lazy and i dont want to type.

and im 26 not a 'kid' as you put it, im a young adult.
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Then act your age, grandma AYYY ROFLMAO
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see u do it 2 dumb-ass
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Super adorable ^-^. I think it has to do with the bigger eyes and spines that he has but it could just be his hugging smartypants for all I know =P. Great work!
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Spike is my Favorite Charakter in MLP *-*
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Absolutely adorable.
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Good Twilight Sparkle substitute, at least temporarily.
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Oh my goodness! Super adorable!
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Awwww This is the best! You draw Spike so well.
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