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Diamond Team

By TheDoggyGal
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Oh how I love you, lack of better titles. :D
Bit of an idea I had in the back of my head that I finally decided to attempt; Spike and the Diamond Dogs cooperative in a picture! Heck, I've been wanting to draw the DD's in general.
(And they're, yet, another set of my favorite characters from the show that did not receive enough screen time and still have yet to be heard from again. :'D)

Also, I apologize for the sloppy and rushed background. But I was fairly tired throughout it, so blegh. <:]
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You know, that kinda makes me think that the diamond dogs could've EASILY been reformed.
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Awwww so cutie :3
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These designs of the Diamond Dogs look a lot better than the ones in the actual show
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Brothers of the mine rejoice!
(Swing, swing, swing with me)
Raise your pick and raise your voice!
(Sing, sing , sing with me)
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you made the diamond dogs cute ._. congratsYuuko Clapping Icon Painterfly clapping icon  
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AAAAHHHHH Spike bros with the Diamond Dogs, I WANT to see this episode! :heart:
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I like the way you drew the diamond dogs! They don't look as scary/weird in that style ^^
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I love how you make the characters look so fluffy!
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:iconilikeitplz: oh gosh...I love these four so~o much <3 and your style is so cute!! Awesome job!!! 
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I wounder if the diamond dogs will ever return?
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Impressive expressions. Love the idea, wonder if I should show my own idea on DA at some point.
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Yeah, I'd like another Diamond dog episode.  They were an interesting type of creature to include in Equestria.

They made the world seem bigger and more complex.
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I love this style!
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I love how you've drawn the diamond dogs in this picture! They seem so much more friendly and charismatic. Very nicely done. I honestly hope we see more of the diamond dogs in the next season. I don't include their human appearance in Rainbow Rocks.
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Aw!!! Really cute scene!!! Love the diamond dogs art style! It makes them look so adorable!!! :heart: :love: :heart:
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Yes, Adorable like a Disney cartoon:) (Smile) .
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This is absolutely adorable.
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I love your style!!! ;)
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For in so long the Diamond dogs get some love and that love is ADORABLE :3

sometimes I feel they are underrated they had a hilarious storyline along with personality I'm sorry but it sometimes feels i'm the only pegasister who likes them dogs thank you my friend for making my day. :3
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Now I think about it, they should be able to become good friends! After all, they both love crystals, could help eachother out :) Would love to see that episode...
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