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Dash Fan

Quick pic I took to do for :iconyoshiringo:!
Seems like SOMEONE'S happy (and was ready!) to meet an awesome pony. :D
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RINGO AND SCOOTALOO WAR ABOUT DASH TRIVIA AND I JUST, oh god that's what I need to draw someday. 
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That would be me, minus the hoodie.
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This must be how Ashleigh Ball feels at every con.
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this is so me! I love dashie!
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:iconrainbowdashfearplz: "Uh... Thanks, I think."
:iconrainbowissueplz: "...Since when do they sell those in adult-size?"

:iconscootplz: "Dash! Look! I got my cutie-mark in merchandising and marketing!"
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One one hand, I'm thinking "well isn't this what you wanted Dash?"

One the other hand, I would be a little weirded out if someone had a doll of me, and a hoodie made to look like me.

One the third hand, I want that plushie! It's awesome!

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This is so cute. I would totally act like that if I met HELLBOY most liklly. 😕 hmmmmm. Do u do commissions?
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I like rainbow dash
I have a pillow
....…dont judge. I'm a brony
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I too share his love for Dash x3 Cute little fan dance.
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You wanted to be famous, Dash? You pay the price! ;P
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geez ringos everywhere XD lol but im glad he got to finally meet his fav pony X3 this is fantastic awesome job!
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Yoshi Ringo: Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!!!! It's you Rainbow Dash! It is really you!!!!
Rainbow Dash: Hey.... you!
YR: I learned everything about you! What you do... where you fly... what the air tricks you are practising... Did you know I've been trying to make the same tricks and failed? I broke my wings ten times!
RD: Uh... sorry to hear about th-
YR: That's okay. I've be trying but I won't be as awesome as you!
RD: Yeah. That's.... umm... a bummer... for you... huh?
YR: But I won't give up! You never did! Always flying! C-can you give me your autograph, please? Super super please?
RD: Uh... Yeah, sure.
YR: Here's my pencil. Just wrote it here.
Rainbow Dash took the pencil and let her signature on the page of the notebook.
RD: Here you go.
YR: Wow. My idol is talking to me this casually. Like a friend.
RD: Hey woah. I don't even know you!
YR: *gasp* I don't even told my name! *tap on his head with his hoof* Stupid. Stupid.
RD: Well, I got to go...
YR: Huh.... a moment... R-rainbow Dash. My name's Yoshi Ringo. Pleased to meet you finally.
RD: Why are wearing that hoodie? That won't help you to fly faster...
YR: You are kidding. Hahahah.... Uh... You are not kidding.
RD: Nope.
YR: Uh... Well... It's the only way to look like you.
RD: At least you didn't painted your coat and- (in her mind) Why the hay I said that?
YR: *gasp* I never thought about it!
RD: (in her mind) Argh! Too late.
YR: Umm.. C-could you check something for me?
RD: *sigh* What is it?
YR: Uh.... I wrote a fanfic of you and.... Daring Do.
RD: Huh?
YR: And... I'd love you to read it.
RD: Sure! Do you have it with you?
YR: I... wrote in down in the notebook that you signed.
RD: Oh! Can I read it?
YR: *fan-scream* Oh! S-sorry. I mean.... yes, of course.
RD: Great. Let's see.
Rainbow Dash began to read the fic. But while she read she began to make some strange faces, until...
RD: Nope.
She threw the notebook at his front hooves and she flew away.
She came back to him and hovered over him.
RD: I may be huge fan of Daring Do myself and like her a lot, but.... not this far! Stay away from me, pervert.
And she flew away. The stallion remained motionless and confused.
YR: Did I really went too far?
Twilight appeared to the scene, used her telekinesis to bring it at her eyes' level and began to read it.
Twilight: Umm. Yes, indeed. Feel lucky she doesn't kick her fans' butt.

Beautiful work
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That is totally me
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:iconunhappysoarinpls:-I'll just wait over her till your fan has gone,Rainbow.
:icondashwhuutplz:-Soarin,please do not leave me alone with this "fan" of mine.
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And cue the fangirl squee.
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That is totally me... 0.0
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tuts such an awesome and adorable painting!!!
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I woudl propobly react the same as Dash
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LOL! Great piece! I can almost imagine her thinking. "Didn't I just meet this same guy in Cloudsdale last weekend, and in Canterlot the week before?"
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:iconyoshiringo: :iconsays3plz: Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshonmygosh! RAINBOW DASH! I LOVE YOOOOOUUUUU! Can I get your autograph... on my FLANK!!? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE???

:iconrainbowdashfearplz: :iconsays3plz: Uhh... Hehheh! Security?

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